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Downsview Park Youth Indoor Soccer League
(416) 638-8478
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This league has multiple active seasons, you are currently in the DPYSL 11/12 season. All active seasons are listed below. (note: past seasons can be found in the drop down menu above)

9v9 U11/12 - 2014/15
DPYSL 14/15
Full Field Ind 14/15

 Divisions League Message

Under 9 Boys
Under 9 Girls
Under 10 Boys East
Under 10 Boys West
Under 10 Girls
Under 11 Boys East
Under 11 Boys West
Under 11 Girls East
Under 11 Girls West
Under 12 Boys
Under 12 Girls
Under 13 Boys
Under 13 Girls
Under 14 Boys
Under 14 Girls
Under 15 Boys
Under 15 Girls
Under 16 Boys
Under 16 Girls
Under 17 Girls
Under 18 Girls
No message at this time
League Facilities
Online entry arena Championship
Laptop rink Downsview Dome
Online entry arena Downsview Indoor
Laptop rink Downsview Park Outdoor Fields
Online entry arena Quarter-Final
Online entry arena Semi-Final
Laptop rink The Dome
Laptop rink The Hangar at Downsview Park

 League Schedule

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 Contact Information

Downsview Park Youth Indoor Soccer League
• (416) 638-8478
• (416) 638-2414 fax