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Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League
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LCAHL (Travel - Playoffs 14)

This league has multiple active seasons, you are currently in the Travel - Playoffs 14 season. All active seasons are listed below. (note: past seasons can be found in the drop down menu above)

Reg 2014/2015
House - Playoffs 14
Travel - Playoffs 14
House 2nd 2013/14
House 1st 2013/14
Travel Winter2013/14

 Divisions League Message

Squirt A Norris Finals
Squirt A Adams Finals
Squirt A Campbell Finals
Squirt A Patrick Finals
Squirt A Smythe Finals
Squirt AA Norris Final
Squirt AA Adams Final
Squirt AA Campbell Final
Squirt AA Patrick Final
Squirt AA Smythe Final
Pee Wee A Norris Finals
Pee Wee A Adams Finals
Pee Wee A Campbell Finals
Pee Wee A Patrick Finals
Pee Wee A Smythe Finals
PeeWee AA Norris Finals
PeeWee AA Adams Finals
PeeWee AA Patrick Finals
PeeWee AA Smythe Finals
Bantam A Norris Finals
Bantam A Adams Finals
Bantam A Campbell Finals
Bantam A Patrick Finals
Bantam A Smythe Finals
Bantam AA Norris Finals
Bantam AA Adams Finals
Bantam AA Campbell Finals
Bantam AA Patrick Finals
Bantam AA Smythe Finals
Midget A Norris Final
Midiget A Adams Final
Midget A Patrick Final
Midget AA Norris Final
Squirt A Norris A 100
Squirt A Norris B 101
Squirt A Adams A 102
Squirt A Campbell A 103
Squirt A Campbell B 104
Squirt A Patrick A 105
Squirt A Patrick B 106
Squirt A Smythe A 107
Squirt A Smythe B 108
Squirt A Smythe C 109
Squirt A Smythe D 110
Squirt AA Norris A 200
Squirt AA Norris B 201
Squirt AA Norris C 202
Squirt AA Norris D 203
Squirt AA Adams A 204
Squirt AA Adams B 205
Squirt AA Campbell A 206
Squirt AA Campbell B 207
Squirt AA Patrick A 208
Squirt AA Patrick B 209
Squirt AA Patrick C 210
Squirt AA Patrick D 211
Squirt AA Smythe A 212
Squirt AA Smythe B 213
Pee Wee A Norris A 300
Pee Wee A Norris B 301
Pee Wee A Adams A 302
Pee Wee A Adams B 303
Pee Wee A Adams C 304
Pee Wee A Adams D 305
Pee Wee A Campbell A 306
Pee Wee A Campbell B 307
Pee Wee A Campbell C 308
Peewee A Campbell D 309
Peewee A Patrick A 310
Peewee A Patrick B 311
Peewee A Smythe A 312
Peewee A Smythe B 313
Pee Wee AA Norris A 400
Pee Wee AA Norris B 401
Pee Wee AA Norris C 402
Pee Wee AA Norris D 403
Pee Wee AA Adams A 404
Pee Wee AA Adams B 405
Pee Wee AA Adams C 406
Pee Wee AA Adams D 407
Pee Wee AA Patrick A 408
Pee Wee AA Patrick B 409
Peewee AA Patrick C 410
Peewee AA Patrick D 411
Peewee AA Smythe A 412
Peewee AA Smythe B 413
Peewee AA Smythe C 414
Peewee AA Smythe D 415
Bantam A Norris A 500
Bantam A Norris B 501
Bantam A Adams A 502
Bantam A Adams B 503
Bantam A Adams C 504
Bantam A Adams D 505
Bantam A Campbell A 506
Bantam A Campbell B 507
Bantam A Patrick A 508
Bantam A Patrick B 509
Bantam A Patrick C 510
Bantam A Patrick D 511
Bantam A Smythe A 512
Bantam A Smythe B 513
Bantam AA Norris A 600
Bantam AA Norris B 601
Bantam AA Norris C 602
Bantam AA Norris D 603
Bantam AA Adams A 604
Bantam AA Adams B 605
Bantam AA Campbell A 606
Bantam AA Campbell B 607
Bantam AA Patrick A 608
Bantam AA Patrick B 609
Bantam AA Smythe A 610
Bantam AA Smythe B 611
Midget A Norris A 700
Midget A Norris B 701
Midget A Adams A 702
Midget A Adams B 703
Midget A Adams C 704
Midget A Adams D 705
Midget A Patrick A 706
Midget AA Norris A 800
Midget AA Norris B 801

Archived Seasons

The Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League Staff would like to wish all House and Travel teams best of luck for the 2013-2014 season!

League Facilities
Laptop rink A-Game Sportsplex
Laptop rink Allen Park Civic Arena
Laptop rink Ann Arbor Ice Cube
Online entry arena Ann Arbor Vets Arena
Online entry arena Arctic Coliseum
Terminal rink Arctic Edge
Terminal rink Arctic Pond Arena
Laptop rink Arctic Zone Ice Rink
Online entry arena Arrington Ice Arena (Adrian)
Laptop rink Bay County Civic Arena
Online entry arena Belknap Ice Arena
Online entry arena Berkley Ice Arena
Online entry arena Birmingham Ice Sports Arena
Online entry arena Bowling Green State University Ice Arena
Laptop rink Canfield Ice Arena
Online entry arena Carmel Ice Skadium
Online entry arena Centennial Sportsplex Ice Arena
Laptop rink Centre Ice Arena
Online entry arena Cheboygan Ice Arena
Online entry arena Chiller - Dublin
Online entry arena Chiller Easton
Online entry arena Chiller Ice Works
Online entry arena Chiller North
Online entry arena Cincinnati Sports Plus
Online entry arena City Sports Center
Online entry arena Clauss Ice Arena
Laptop rink Cleveland Heights Community Center
Terminal rink Compuware Sports Arena
Online entry arena Dearborn Ice Skating Center
Laptop rink Detroit Skating Club
Online entry arena Devon-Aire Arena
Online entry arena Dow Event Center - Wendler Arena
Online entry arena Eddie Edgar Arena
Online entry arena Ewigleben Ice Arena - Big Rapids
Laptop rink Farmington Hills Ice Arena
Online entry arena Findlay Cube
Laptop rink Flint Iceland Arena
Online entry arena Garden City Civic Arena
Online entry arena Georgetown Ice Center
Online entry arena Gilmour Academy
Online entry arena Glacier Pointe
Online entry arena Gladwin Community Arena
Online entry arena Grand Oaks Ice Arena
Terminal rink Great Lakes Sports City
Online entry arena Griffs Icehouse - Belknap Ice Arena
Laptop rink Grosse Pointe Community Ice Arena
Online entry arena Hancock Rec Center
Online entry arena Hartland Sports Center
Terminal rink Hazel Park Arena
Laptop rink Hockeytown State Fair
Online entry arena Howe Ice Arena
Online entry arena Huntington Center
Online entry arena Huron County Expo Center & Ice Arena
Online entry arena I.C.E. Arena Mt. Pleasant
Online entry arena Ice Box Sports Center
Online entry arena Ice Mountain Arena Complex
Laptop rink Ice Sports - Fort Wayne
Online entry arena Inkster Ice Arena
Online entry arena Jack Adams Memorial Arena
Online entry arena Jackson Optimist Ice Arena
Terminal rink Joe Louis Arena
Online entry arena John Lindell Ice Arena
Online entry arena Jolly Roger Ice Club
Laptop rink Kennedy Ice Arena
Online entry arena Kensington Valley Ice House
Online entry arena Kentwood Ice Arena
Laptop rink L.C. Walker Arena
Laptop rink LCAHL
Terminal rink Lakefront (Barons) Arena
Laptop rink Lakeland Tri-Arena
Online entry arena Lakeshore Sports Centre
Online entry arena Lawson Arena
Online entry arena Lincoln Park Civic Arena
Online entry arena Little Bear East Arena
Online entry arena McCann Arena
Online entry arena McMillen Ice Arena
Laptop rink McMorran Arena
Online entry arena Melvindale Civic Arena
Laptop rink Midland Civic Arena
Laptop rink Mike Modano Ice Arena
Laptop rink Monroe
Laptop rink Mt. Clemens Ice Arena & Fitness Center
Online entry arena Munn Ice Arena
Laptop rink North Olmsted Recreation Complex
Online entry arena Northland Ice Center
Laptop rink Novi Ice Arena
Online entry arena OBM East
Laptop rink ONYX Rochester Ice Arena
Online entry arena Oak Park Ice Arena
Online entry arena Ohio State Fairgrounds Arena
Laptop rink Orchard Lake St. Marys Ice Arena
Laptop rink Pan Am Arena
Online entry arena Patterson Ice Center
Laptop rink Plymouth Cultural Center
Laptop rink Polar Palace Arena Complex
Online entry arena Redford Arena
Online entry arena Saginaw-Bay Ice Arena
Online entry arena Serpentini Arena
Laptop rink South Windsor Arena
Terminal rink Southfield Sports Arena
Online entry arena Southgate Arena
Laptop rink Southside Community Ice Center
Online entry arena Sports Forum Skating
Laptop rink SportsPlus
Online entry arena Sportsplex - Cedar Springs
Laptop rink St. Clair Shores Civic Arena
Laptop rink Suburban Ice - Farmington Hills
Laptop rink Suburban Ice-East Lansing
Laptop rink Suburban Ice-Macomb
Laptop rink Sylvania/Tam-O-Shanter
Online entry arena TBD
Terminal rink Taylor Sportsplex
Online entry arena The Dispatch Ice Haus
Online entry arena The Edge Ice Arena-MI
Online entry arena The Ice Box Indiana
Laptop rink The Kaliseum
Laptop rink The Peak (Summit Academy)
Laptop rink The Rink - Battle Creek
Online entry arena The Summit at Capital Centre
Online entry arena Toledo Ottawa Park
Terminal rink Troy Sports Center
Online entry arena University of Illinois Ice Arena
Online entry arena University of Michigan
Online entry arena University of Notre Dame
Online entry arena Veterans Memorial Ice Arena
Online entry arena Veterans Memorial Park Ice Arena
Laptop rink Walker Ice & Fitness Center
Laptop rink Wallace Ice Arena (Cranbrook)
Online entry arena Wayne Community Center
Online entry arena West Bloomfield Sports Center
Online entry arena West Shore Community Ice Arena
Online entry arena Wexford County Civic Center
Terminal rink Wings Stadium Complex
Laptop rink Wings West Arena
Laptop rink Yack Arena
Online entry arena Yost Arena

 League Schedule

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