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Pennsylvania Interscholastic Roller Hockey League
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PIRHL (PIRHL 2014/2015)

 Divisions League Message

2014-15 Varsity 1
2014-15 Varsity 2
2014-15 Varsity 3
2014-15 Junior Varsity 1
2014-15 Junior Varsity 2
2014-15 Middle School 1
2014-15 Middle School 2
2014-15 Middle School 3
2014-15 Middle School 4
2014-15 Elementary 1
2014-15 Elementary 2
2014-15 Elementary 3

New Suspensions from Week of 11/15-11/16
Varsity 2 Central Catholic #22: 2 Game Suspension (Major for Roughing)
Varsity 2 North Hills #12: 2 Game Suspension (Major for Roughing)
Junior Varsity 1 North Hills#97: 3 Game Suspension (Abuse of Official)

Suspensions Remaining:
Junior Varsity 1 Bethel Park #66: 1 Game Suspension (Major for Fighting)
Varsity 2 North Hills Asst Coach: 5 Game Suspension (3 Abuse of Official, 3 for coming on the floor during play)
Varsity 3 West Allegheny #64: 3 Game Suspension (Major for Fight)
Middle School 3 Butler #13: 5 Game Suspensions (Kneeing Major)
Junior Varsity 2 Baldwin Asst. Coach: Banned from League (Abuse of Official)



League Facilities
Terminal rink Blade Runners Ice Complex
Terminal rink Bridgeville RollerPlex
Family Sports Center
Terminal rink Hot Shots Indoor Sports Arena
Online entry arena Murrysville SportZone
Terminal rink RMU Island Sports Center

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Pennsylvania Interscholastic Roller Hockey League