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Lewis River Soccer Club
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LRSC (LRSC Fall 2010)


 Divisions League Message

Away Teams (Away Teams)
U9 Girls (U9 Girls)
U9 Boys (U9 Boys)
U10 Girls (U10 Girls)
U10 Boys (U10 Boys)
U11 Girls (U11 Girls)
U11 Boys (U11 Boys)
U12 Girls (U12 Girls)
U13 Girls (U13 Girls)
U13 Boys (U13 Boys)
U14 Girls (U14 Girls)
U15 Girls (U15 Girls)
U18 Boys (U18 Boys)
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League Facilities
Laptop rink Abrams Park
Online entry arena Ridgefield High School
Online entry arena South Ridge Elementary
Online entry arena Union Ridge Elementary
Online entry arena View Ridge Middle School
Online entry arena Woodland JV

 League Schedule

League Schedule

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Lewis River Soccer Club