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2013 NECBL Season - Transactions

Date Team  
07/22/13 Laconia Muskrats Lenstrohm, Peter released
07/22/13 Laconia Muskrats Donino, Joe released
07/21/13 New Bedford Bay Sox Tsoumakas Jr., Charles G signed
07/21/13 Sanford Mainers Dube, Cody signed
07/21/13 Laconia Muskrats White, Hayden released
07/21/13 Laconia Muskrats Geislinger, Matt signed
07/21/13 Laconia Muskrats Agnitsch, Ryan signed
07/21/13 Mystic Schooners Buckley, Connor activated
07/21/13 Mystic Schooners Albin, Zachary released
07/20/13 New Bedford Bay Sox Brown, Colin released
07/20/13 New Bedford Bay Sox Venditti, Christian released
07/20/13 New Bedford Bay Sox Cronin, Joe released
07/19/13 Holyoke Blue Sox Hamlin, Dillon signed
07/19/13 Sanford Mainers Wiel, Zander released
07/19/13 Sanford Mainers Verrier, Matthew signed
07/18/13 Sanford Mainers Simon, Anthony released
07/18/13 Sanford Mainers Bereszniewicz, Billy signed
07/18/13 Sanford Mainers Nevares, Daniel signed
07/18/13 Plymouth Pilgrims Aubin, Slater signed
07/18/13 Plymouth Pilgrims Melley, Bobby released
07/18/13 Ocean State Waves King, Chris released
07/18/13 Ocean State Waves French, Austin activated
07/18/13 Laconia Muskrats Sutherland, Elijah released
07/18/13 Laconia Muskrats Veth, Miles signed
07/17/13 Holyoke Blue Sox Copeland, David signed
07/16/13 Holyoke Blue Sox Joiner, Christopher signed
07/16/13 Sanford Mainers Howell, John released
07/16/13 Sanford Mainers Thomas, Jake released
07/09/13 Holyoke Blue Sox McKay, Connor signed
07/09/13 Sanford Mainers Castellano, Connor signed
07/09/13 Sanford Mainers Simon, Anthony signed
07/08/13 Sanford Mainers Gomez, Michael released
07/07/13 Holyoke Blue Sox Matteson, Bowie signed
07/07/13 Laconia Muskrats McDowell, Kennard signed
07/07/13 Laconia Muskrats Koski, Rob signed
07/07/13 Laconia Muskrats Freeberger, Nick signed
07/07/13 Laconia Muskrats Hill, Tanner released
07/06/13 Sanford Mainers Mosey, Phil released
07/06/13 Holyoke Blue Sox Rasmussen, Kyle signed
07/05/13 Holyoke Blue Sox Sanchez, Nicolas signed
07/05/13 Sanford Mainers Wayman, Robert signed
07/05/13 Laconia Muskrats Leonello, Pete signed
07/05/13 Laconia Muskrats Masonia, Nick released
07/04/13 Holyoke Blue Sox Marino, Stephen signed
07/04/13 Holyoke Blue Sox Carcone, Joseph signed
07/04/13 Holyoke Blue Sox Bergren, Jake signed
07/04/13 Holyoke Blue Sox Rutz, Adam signed
07/04/13 Sanford Mainers Friel, Mike released
06/25/13 Sanford Mainers Heath, Scott signed
06/25/13 Laconia Muskrats Masonia, Nick signed
05/08/13 Danbury Westerners Wood, Tyler released
05/08/13 Danbury Westerners Lester, Josh released
05/08/13 Danbury Westerners Massey, Alex released
04/22/13 Danbury Westerners Cruz, Alexander signed
04/22/13 Danbury Westerners Hatch, Cam signed
04/22/13 Danbury Westerners Brewster, Ben released
04/22/13 Danbury Westerners Stare, Keenan released
04/21/13 Danbury Westerners Pashuck, Jamie signed
04/21/13 Danbury Westerners Buckley, Tyler released
03/21/13 Danbury Westerners Brewster, Ben signed
03/21/13 Danbury Westerners Stare, Keenan signed
03/21/13 Danbury Westerners Gross, Jordan released
03/21/13 Danbury Westerners Gross, Jordan released