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CCBL 2014 - Transactions

Date Team  
08/04/14 Wareham Gatemen Chinea, Chris released
08/04/14 Wareham Gatemen Rosenbaum, Danny released
08/04/14 Wareham Gatemen Little, Jake released
08/04/14 Wareham Gatemen Bormann, John released
08/04/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Gilbert, Michael signed
08/04/14 Wareham Gatemen Vasquez, Alberto signed
08/04/14 Wareham Gatemen Peterson III, William signed
08/04/14 Brewster Whitecaps Olivera, Cam signed
08/04/14 Brewster Whitecaps Pearson, Logan signed
08/04/14 Brewster Whitecaps Ryan, AJ signed
08/04/14 Harwich Mariners Tully, Scott signed
08/03/14 Falmouth Commodores Labozzetta, Brad signed
08/03/14 Falmouth Commodores Eden, Chandler released
08/03/14 Wareham Gatemen Adler, Sean released
08/03/14 Wareham Gatemen Searles, Ian signed
08/03/14 Wareham Gatemen Farias, Nathan signed
08/03/14 Orleans Firebirds Black, Garrett activated
08/03/14 Orleans Firebirds Stephens, Brett released
08/03/14 Cotuit Kettleers Sexton, Austin signed
08/03/14 Cotuit Kettleers Schwaab, Andrew signed
08/03/14 Cotuit Kettleers Lewis, Kyle signed
08/03/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Jackson, Vincent released
08/03/14 Brewster Whitecaps Salem, Georgie released
08/03/14 Brewster Whitecaps White, Mikey released
08/03/14 Brewster Whitecaps Overstreet, Kyle released
08/02/14 Bourne Braves Machin, Vimael signed
08/02/14 Bourne Braves Bader, Harrison released
08/02/14 Chatham Anglers Mazeika, Patrick activated
08/02/14 Chatham Anglers Burleson, Bryant released
08/02/14 Cotuit Kettleers Harper, Jake signed
08/02/14 Bourne Braves Friese, Gabe signed
08/02/14 Bourne Braves Kellogg, Ryan released
08/01/14 Chatham Anglers Lukach, Ryan activated
08/01/14 Chatham Anglers Lukach, Ryan signed
08/01/14 Chatham Anglers Fagan, Kevin released
08/01/14 Cotuit Kettleers Jennings, John signed
08/01/14 Cotuit Kettleers Norwood, John released
08/01/14 Cotuit Kettleers Fisher, Jameson released
07/31/14 Chatham Anglers Cronin, Joseph activated
07/31/14 Chatham Anglers Mazeika, Patrick released
07/31/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks LaRocca, Matt signed
07/31/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Scioneaux, Tate released
07/31/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Walton, Donnie released
07/31/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Poteet, Cody released
07/30/14 Cotuit Kettleers Wiseman, Rhett released
07/30/14 Chatham Anglers Sciortino, Nicholas activated
07/30/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Fabio, Cole signed
07/30/14 Harwich Mariners McDonald, Andrew signed
07/30/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Melley, Bobby released
07/30/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Gibson, Cam released
07/29/14 Cotuit Kettleers Stillman, Will signed
07/29/14 Cotuit Kettleers Perritt, Ashton released
07/28/14 Bourne Braves Raley, Lucas signed
07/28/14 Bourne Braves Knutson, Max signed
07/28/14 Bourne Braves Morales, Brett released
07/28/14 Harwich Mariners Castillo, Ray released
07/28/14 Harwich Mariners Inghram, Jason released
07/27/14 Orleans Firebirds Megill, Trevor released
07/26/14 Cotuit Kettleers Holder, Kyle activated
07/24/14 Orleans Firebirds Rios, Edwin released
07/24/14 Orleans Firebirds Prewett, Dathan activated
07/24/14 Orleans Firebirds Thornton, Trent released
07/24/14 Bourne Braves Kuzia, Joseph signed
07/24/14 Chatham Anglers Simmons, Kal released
07/23/14 Wareham Gatemen Downey, Brock released
07/23/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Cole, Hunter signed
07/22/14 Bourne Braves Fleming, Billy released
07/21/14 Bourne Braves Hatch, Thomas released
07/19/14 Chatham Anglers Hampson, Garrett released
07/19/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Mourelle, Chris signed
07/18/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Shepard, Shaefer signed
07/18/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Slater, Austin released
07/17/14 Chatham Anglers Chin, Andrew released
07/13/14 Cotuit Kettleers Beckman, Sean signed
07/13/14 Orleans Firebirds Lilek, Brett released
07/13/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Goldstein, Jason released
07/12/14 Cotuit Kettleers Ebert, Jordan signed
07/12/14 Wareham Gatemen Robinson, Errol released
07/12/14 Wareham Gatemen Hartson, Brock released
07/12/14 Bourne Braves Klotz, Mason signed
07/12/14 Bourne Braves Hecht, Dylan released
07/11/14 Cotuit Kettleers Shaw, Collin released
07/10/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Lanham, Chris signed
07/09/14 Cotuit Kettleers Klotz, Mason released
07/09/14 Cotuit Kettleers Kay, Grant released
07/09/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Minch, Jordan released
07/09/14 Chatham Anglers Gunsolus, Mitch activated
07/08/14 Chatham Anglers Lassiter, Landon released
07/08/14 Chatham Anglers Butera, Blake released
07/07/14 Cotuit Kettleers Durand, Taylor released
07/07/14 Harwich Mariners Aikin, Craig signed
07/07/14 Harwich Mariners Poche, Jared released
07/07/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Tekker, Cameron released
07/06/14 Cotuit Kettleers Perritt, Ashton signed
07/05/14 Cotuit Kettleers Berman, Gabe released
07/05/14 Cotuit Kettleers Norwood, John signed
07/05/14 Brewster Whitecaps Wass, Wade released
07/03/14 Cotuit Kettleers Ratledge, Logan released
07/03/14 Bourne Braves Wiel, Zander activated
07/03/14 Bourne Braves Delay, Jason activated
07/03/14 Bourne Braves Raley, Brad released
07/03/14 Cotuit Kettleers Perritt, Ashton released
07/03/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Stewart, D.J. released
07/03/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Tate, Dillon released
07/03/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Jay, Tyler released
07/03/14 Wareham Gatemen Fuller, Nick released
07/03/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Pierce, Josh released
07/03/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Hissey, Ryan released
07/03/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Kozlowski, Nicholas released
07/03/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Willey, Doug released
07/03/14 Harwich Mariners Perez, Alex released
07/03/14 Harwich Mariners Hunter, Skylar released
07/03/14 Harwich Mariners Youngdahl, Robert released
07/03/14 Harwich Mariners Towns, Kenny activated
07/03/14 Harwich Mariners McCarthy, Joe activated
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds McClanahan, Jerry activated
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Wilcox, Kyle released
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Stone, Hayden activated
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Sborz, Josh activated
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Honahan, Tyler released
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Bergjans, Tommy signed
07/02/14 Cotuit Kettleers Durand, Taylor signed
07/02/14 Cotuit Kettleers Jones, Grayson signed
07/02/14 Cotuit Kettleers Ratledge, Logan signed
07/02/14 Cotuit Kettleers Schroeder, Casey released
07/02/14 Cotuit Kettleers Whalen, Caleb released
07/02/14 Wareham Gatemen Gentry, Myles released
07/02/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Tekker, Cameron activated
07/02/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Bates, Nick signed
07/02/14 Falmouth Commodores Newman, Kevin activated
07/02/14 Falmouth Commodores Labozzetta, Brad released
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Mahoney, Kolton signed
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Poyner, Bobby signed
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds DeGroot, Geoff signed
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Lang, Brett signed
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Peragine, Cole signed
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Rios, Edwin signed
07/02/14 Orleans Firebirds Robinson, Timmy released
07/02/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Bonnell, Bryan released
07/02/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Hazard, Justin released
07/02/14 Cotuit Kettleers Dulin, Dalton released
07/02/14 Cotuit Kettleers Clark, Bailey released
07/02/14 Bourne Braves Ratledge, Logan released
07/02/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks La Prise, John signed
07/02/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Britton, Matthew released
07/02/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Margaritonda, Matthew released
07/01/14 Orleans Firebirds Ward, Taylor released
07/01/14 Orleans Firebirds Stewart, Christin released
07/01/14 Orleans Firebirds Dunbar, Korey released
07/01/14 Bourne Braves Herget, Jimmy activated
07/01/14 Brewster Whitecaps DiNatale, Dalton released
06/30/14 Cotuit Kettleers Duke, Travis activated
06/30/14 Cotuit Kettleers Byler, Austin released
06/30/14 Harwich Mariners Hinojosa, C.J. activated
06/29/14 Cotuit Kettleers Kay, Grant signed
06/29/14 Falmouth Commodores White, Boomer activated
06/29/14 Falmouth Commodores Young, Alex activated
06/29/14 Falmouth Commodores Hollenbeck, Matt activated
06/29/14 Falmouth Commodores Ocello, Evan released
06/29/14 Falmouth Commodores Marabell, Connor released
06/29/14 Falmouth Commodores Durand, Taylor released
06/29/14 Wareham Gatemen Williamson, Ryan released
06/29/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Foster, Michael released
06/29/14 Wareham Gatemen Knizner, Andrew released
06/29/14 Wareham Gatemen Beck, Blair released
06/28/14 Cotuit Kettleers Holder, Kyle released
06/28/14 Cotuit Kettleers Wiseman, Rhett activated
06/28/14 Cotuit Kettleers Glines, Jackson activated
06/28/14 Cotuit Kettleers Shaw, Collin activated
06/28/14 Bourne Braves Burr, Ryan released
06/27/14 Cotuit Kettleers Lewis, Daniel released
06/26/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Denny, Matt activated
06/26/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Ohanian, Sarkis released
06/26/14 Bourne Braves Johnson, Ben released
06/26/14 Bourne Braves Howard, Ryan released
06/26/14 Bourne Braves Sorgie, Cameron released
06/26/14 Bourne Braves Rogers, Josh activated
06/25/14 Cotuit Kettleers Tewes, Sam released
06/25/14 Orleans Firebirds Lang, Brett activated
06/25/14 Bourne Braves Whiting, Sutton activated
06/25/14 Bourne Braves Lang, Brett released
06/24/14 Orleans Firebirds Zayas, Gianni released
06/24/14 Orleans Firebirds Moore, Sam activated
06/24/14 Orleans Firebirds Dunbar, Korey placed on inactive list
06/24/14 Falmouth Commodores Moseley, Ryan activated
06/24/14 Cotuit Kettleers Dulin, Dalton activated
06/24/14 Falmouth Commodores Byrd Jr., Leon released
06/24/14 Wareham Gatemen Brock, Justin released
06/24/14 Brewster Whitecaps Silva, Dylan released
06/23/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Purritano, Joe released
06/23/14 Chatham Anglers Burdi, Zack activated
06/23/14 Chatham Anglers Dorris, Jacob released
06/23/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Van Zant, Henry released
06/23/14 Brewster Whitecaps Hazard, Justin released
06/22/14 Cotuit Kettleers Carthon, Richard released
06/22/14 Chatham Anglers Dant, Charlie activated
06/22/14 Chatham Anglers Gunsolus, Mitch released
06/22/14 Chatham Anglers Gunsolus, Mitch released
06/22/14 Harwich Mariners Servais, Tyler released
06/22/14 Cotuit Kettleers Arendas, DC released
06/21/14 Brewster Whitecaps McCormick, Ryan released
06/21/14 Bourne Braves Sparger, Jacob activated
06/21/14 Bourne Braves Long, Jake released
06/21/14 Brewster Whitecaps Glines, Jackson released
06/21/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks West, Jared released
06/21/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Slater, Austin signed
06/20/14 Falmouth Commodores Cleavinger, Garrett activated
06/20/14 Falmouth Commodores Herrmann, Spencer released
06/19/14 Orleans Firebirds Tolman, Mitchell activated
06/19/14 Falmouth Commodores Chase, Shaun activated
06/19/14 Wareham Gatemen Palmeiro, Preston released
06/19/14 Wareham Gatemen Adams, Jesse released
06/19/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Thanopoulos, George released
06/19/14 Harwich Mariners Hunter, Skylar placed on inactive list
06/19/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Jay, Tyler placed on inactive list
06/19/14 Falmouth Commodores Costello, Conor activated
06/19/14 Falmouth Commodores Newman, Kevin placed on inactive list
06/19/14 Falmouth Commodores Matheny, Tate placed on inactive list
06/19/14 Bourne Braves Hecht, Dylan activated
06/19/14 Bourne Braves Martinez-McGraw, Ian released
06/18/14 Orleans Firebirds Stewart, Christin placed on inactive list
06/18/14 Orleans Firebirds Ward, Taylor placed on inactive list
06/18/14 Orleans Firebirds Hanhold, Eric activated
06/18/14 Orleans Firebirds Poyner, Bobby activated
06/18/14 Chatham Anglers Simmons, Kal activated
06/18/14 Bourne Braves Harman, Bryce released
06/18/14 Bourne Braves Kidston, Anthony released
06/18/14 Chatham Anglers Williams, Garrett activated
06/18/14 Chatham Anglers Gallen, Zac activated
06/18/14 Chatham Anglers Scott, Tanner released
06/18/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Vigliarolo, Michael released
06/18/14 Bourne Braves Reed, Matthew released
06/18/14 Bourne Braves Serven, Brian activated
06/18/14 Bourne Braves Kellogg, Ryan activated
06/17/14 Orleans Firebirds Perez, Cris released
06/17/14 Orleans Firebirds Lilek, Brett activated
06/17/14 Bourne Braves Herget, Jimmy placed on inactive list
06/17/14 Bourne Braves Gorman, John signed
06/17/14 Harwich Mariners Castillo, Ray activated
06/16/14 Orleans Firebirds Holloway, J.R. released
06/16/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Brakeman, Marc activated
06/16/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Wise, Carl activated
06/16/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Britt, Dalton released
06/16/14 Falmouth Commodores Morrison, Trever activated
06/16/14 Falmouth Commodores Eden, Chandler activated
06/16/14 Falmouth Commodores Price, Jared activated
06/16/14 Bourne Braves ORourke, Brendan released
06/16/14 Bourne Braves Bergen, Travis activated
06/16/14 Chatham Anglers Fraley, Jake activated
06/16/14 Chatham Anglers Cray, Landon activated
06/16/14 Chatham Anglers Hillyer, Jordan activated
06/16/14 Chatham Anglers Peters, Matthew released
06/16/14 Chatham Anglers Cimino, Donnie released
06/16/14 Chatham Anglers Leeds, Mitch released
06/16/14 Chatham Anglers Katz, Alex released
06/16/14 Chatham Anglers Girardi, Nick released
06/16/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Mercurio, Andre released
06/15/14 Wareham Gatemen Harper, Jason released
06/14/14 Orleans Firebirds Stephens, Brett activated
06/14/14 Chatham Anglers Moore, Ty activated
06/14/14 Chatham Anglers Medeiros, Ryan released
06/14/14 Falmouth Commodores OBrien, Cameron activated
06/14/14 Falmouth Commodores Ramos, Nicholas activated
06/14/14 Falmouth Commodores Duggar, Steven activated
06/14/14 Falmouth Commodores Hale, Conner activated
06/14/14 Harwich Mariners Harris, Jon activated
06/14/14 Harwich Mariners Poche, Jared activated
06/13/14 Chatham Anglers Scott, Tanner activated
06/13/14 Orleans Firebirds Mahoney, Kolton activated
06/13/14 Orleans Firebirds Hovis, Reilly activated
06/13/14 Chatham Anglers Rogers, Jake released
06/13/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Shaw, Joseph activated
06/13/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks West, Jared signed
06/13/14 Bourne Braves Laird, Mark activated
06/13/14 Bourne Braves Young, Chesny released
06/13/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Razzino, John released
06/13/14 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox Lukach, Ryan released
06/12/14 Chatham Anglers Hampson, Garrett activated
06/12/14 Chatham Anglers Long, Lucas released
06/11/14 Hyannis Harbor Hawks Ohanian, Sarkis signed
06/11/14 Falmouth Commodores Mulholland, Charles activated
06/11/14 Falmouth Commodores Mooney, Kevin activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Zimmerman, Kyle activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Stout, Travis activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Ocello, Evan activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Newman, Kevin activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Murray, Donny activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores McCanna, Kevin activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Matheny, Tate activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Marabell, Connor activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Madsen, Jake activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Labozzetta, Brad activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Herrmann, Spencer activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Hall, Matt activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Gillikin, Sam activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Eureste, Matthew activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Eckelman, Matt activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Durand, Taylor activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Cooney, Nicholas activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Byrd Jr., Leon activated
06/10/14 Falmouth Commodores Afenir, Austin activated