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Summer 2014 - Transactions

Date Team  
07/20/14 Sag Harbor Barranca, Steven released
07/13/14 Sag Harbor Fitzgerald, Ryan signed
07/13/14 North Fork Guercio, Joe released
07/13/14 Southampton Darcy, James released
07/08/14 Shelter Island Kacer, Brandon released
07/08/14 North Fork McDonald, Shane signed
07/08/14 North Fork Day, Nick released
07/08/14 Southampton Naughton, Robert signed
07/08/14 Shelter Island Lawrence, Nick released
07/08/14 Shelter Island Steensen, Michael released
07/07/14 North Fork Porcella, Evan released
07/05/14 Sag Harbor Doyle, Connor released
07/04/14 Sag Harbor Kehagias, Jared released
07/04/14 Shelter Island Lovejoy, Dane signed
07/04/14 Shelter Island Ledesma, Jeffrey signed
07/04/14 Montauk Medina, Jesus signed
07/04/14 Montauk Hoeschel, Alec released
07/01/14 Shelter Island McMillan, Sean signed
07/01/14 Shelter Island Isquirdo, Dylan released
07/01/14 North Fork Lau, Brian signed
07/01/14 North Fork Bell, Alex released
07/01/14 Riverhead Nolan, Nick released
07/01/14 Montauk Maxwell, Bobby released
06/27/14 Southampton Scherzer, Luke released
06/27/14 Sag Harbor Foley, Jason released
06/26/14 Sag Harbor Young, Jamie released
06/25/14 Shelter Island Bartelman, Kyle signed
06/25/14 Montauk Razzano, Dominic signed
06/24/14 North Fork Siegel, Nick signed
06/23/14 Shelter Island McLemore, Darien released
06/21/14 Sag Harbor Meadows, Nolan signed
06/20/14 Sag Harbor Hanks, Hunter released
06/18/14 Shelter Island OBear, Issac signed
06/10/14 Shelter Island Stane, Brandon released