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Summer 2013 - Transactions

Date Team  
07/14/13 Shelter Island Leiningen, Nick released
07/12/13 Riverhead Gould, Charley released
07/11/13 Sag Harbor Davis, Rex released
07/10/13 Riverhead Ehrsam, TJ signed
07/09/13 Shelter Island Machonis, Sam signed
07/09/13 Shelter Island Blankmeyer, Ty signed
07/09/13 Southampton McCormick, Ryan placed on disabled list
07/05/13 Shelter Island Rios, Melvin released
07/05/13 North Fork Solberg, Ryan signed
07/05/13 Southampton May, Derrick released
07/05/13 Southampton Pecoraro, TJ signed
07/01/13 Shelter Island Giesel, Tanner released
07/01/13 Center Moriches Appell, Chris signed
06/20/13 Southampton DeBellis, Alex released
06/20/13 Westhampton Crawford, Ryan released
06/18/13 Westhampton Schwartz, Kyle signed
06/18/13 Westhampton Ploeger, Jim signed
06/18/13 Westhampton Brown, Preston placed on inactive list
06/18/13 Westhampton Gentry, Myles placed on inactive list
06/18/13 Riverhead Drapeau, Brian signed
06/17/13 Westhampton Parisi, Dan signed to a 7 day contract
06/17/13 North Fork Schlichter, Ryan signed to a 7 day contract
06/17/13 North Fork Hackimer, Thomas released
06/15/13 Shelter Island Hansen, Shaun placed on disabled list
06/14/13 Riverhead Guillen, Ozney released
06/14/13 North Fork Pjura, Jim signed
06/12/13 Sag Harbor Kolinsky, Keenan signed
06/10/13 North Fork OKeefe, Colin released
06/10/13 Sag Harbor Rizzitello, Mike released
06/09/13 Riverhead Barnes, Jordan released
06/09/13 North Fork Howard, James released
06/06/13 Riverhead Gonzalez, Mike signed
06/04/13 Shelter Island Jack, Jimmy signed
06/04/13 Shelter Island Emerich, Evan released
06/03/13 Center Moriches Going, R.J. placed on disabled list
06/03/13 Riverhead Mason, Josh signed
05/31/13 Southampton Gorecki, Andrew signed to a 7 day contract
05/31/13 Southampton Real, David signed
05/30/13 Southampton Marske, Ryan placed on disabled list
05/30/13 Sag Harbor ONeill, Sean placed on disabled list