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WRWBL 2012 - Transactions

Date Team  
05/12/14 Rockland Astros Post, Kenny traded to New City Outlaws
05/12/14 New City Outlaws Post, Kenny acquired in trade from Rockland Astros
01/15/13 New Rochelle Dirtbags Pucillo, Andrew signed
01/13/13 New Rochelle Dirtbags Slenker, Richard signed
01/06/13 New Rochelle Dirtbags Dulin, Doug activated
07/27/12 New York Bears Pandolfo, Joe signed
07/11/12 Peekskill Tides Mongelli, Anthony signed
07/02/12 Harrison Patriots Armstrong, Billy signed
07/02/12 Harrison Patriots Vingo, Eric placed on inactive list
06/28/12 Somers Cyclones Rivas, Anderson released
06/26/12 Peekskill Tides Curtis, Jeff released
06/26/12 Somers Cyclones Williams, George signed
06/26/12 Somers Cyclones Gundert, Ricky released
06/22/12 New York Thunderdogs Clemens, Dane signed
06/20/12 Somers Cyclones Maggi, Ray signed
06/19/12 Harrison Patriots Holtz, Jordan signed
06/18/12 New York Thunderdogs Randazzo, Marley signed
06/18/12 New York Thunderdogs Cebek, Alex released
06/15/12 New York Bears Watson, Kevin signed
06/12/12 Hastings Lookouts Huley, Scott released
06/06/12 Harrison Patriots Granitto, Giuseppe signed
06/05/12 Harrison Patriots Crucey, Johnathan signed
06/01/12 New York Bears Dealto, James placed on inactive list
06/01/12 New York Bears Levine, Michael placed on inactive list
05/30/12 New York Bears Lanza, Michael signed
05/26/12 Danbury Barons McGrath, Danny placed on inactive list
05/25/12 Danbury Barons Waterhouse, Michael placed on inactive list
05/24/12 New York Bears Safieh, Ramsey signed
05/24/12 New York Bears Cody, Pat signed
05/24/12 New Rochelle Dirtbags Gurman, Tyler signed
05/14/12 Hastings Lookouts Pilla, John released
05/14/12 Hastings Lookouts McDermott, Dane released
05/14/12 Hastings Lookouts Farina, Pat released
05/14/12 Hastings Lookouts Reilly, Rich released
05/14/12 Hastings Lookouts Tandy, Mike released
05/14/12 Hastings Lookouts Giner, Richie released
05/12/12 Harrison Patriots Gurman, Tyler released
05/12/12 Harrison Patriots Luongo, Frank released
05/11/12 Harrison Patriots Borowitz, Corey released
05/09/12 New York Thunderdogs Carbone, Richie signed
05/08/12 Danbury Barons Stewart, Nolan placed on inactive list
05/08/12 Danbury Barons Samela, Michael released
05/08/12 Danbury Barons Scheiner, Jordan released
05/08/12 Danbury Barons Riscica, Ricky released
05/08/12 Danbury Barons Berliner, Michael released
05/08/12 Danbury Barons Parrish, Clay released
05/08/12 Danbury Barons Zembsch, Kyle released
05/08/12 Danbury Barons Zembsch, Kyle released
05/08/12 Danbury Barons Baroni, Tom released
05/08/12 Danbury Barons John, Jeff released
05/07/12 New York Thunderdogs Valera, Yeury signed
05/07/12 Peekskill Tides Forman, Isaac released
05/01/12 Peekskill Tides Anderson, DJ signed
05/01/12 Peekskill Tides Benes, Richie signed
05/01/12 New York Bears Morton, Nick signed
04/30/12 Harrison Patriots Malanga, Keith signed
04/29/12 New York Bears Swertfager, Mark placed on inactive list
04/29/12 New York Bears Collins, Danny placed on inactive list
04/23/12 New York Thunderdogs Granitto, Anthony signed
04/17/12 New York Bears Curry, Tyler released
04/17/12 New York Bears Haynes, Steven signed
04/16/12 New York Thunderdogs Duggan, Chris released
04/16/12 New York Thunderdogs Delgado , Frank placed on inactive list
04/16/12 New York Thunderdogs Terry, Reid placed on inactive list
04/13/12 Harrison Patriots Yates, Michael signed
04/09/12 Hastings Lookouts Varricchio , T.J. released
04/09/12 Hastings Lookouts McAuley , Matt released
04/09/12 Hastings Lookouts Calcagni, Jesse released
04/09/12 Hastings Lookouts Ahrenberg , Don released
04/09/12 Hastings Lookouts Smith , Kenny released
04/09/12 Hastings Lookouts Lambert, Max released
04/09/12 Hastings Lookouts Carr, Dillon released
04/06/12 New York Thunderdogs Rosengren, Neal signed
04/06/12 New York Thunderdogs Fish, Nate signed
04/06/12 New York Thunderdogs Hernandez, Marcus signed
04/06/12 New York Thunderdogs Nunziata, Brett signed
04/06/12 New York Thunderdogs Trinidad, Jacob signed
03/30/12 New York Bears Basso, Alex released
03/30/12 New York Bears Felsenthal, Drew signed
03/27/12 Harrison Patriots Pinto, Stephen signed
03/27/12 Harrison Patriots Ritch, Eddie signed
03/27/12 Harrison Patriots Holtz, Eric signed
03/27/12 Harrison Patriots Madison, Kevin signed
03/27/12 Harrison Patriots Dandrea, Zack signed
03/27/12 Harrison Patriots Alberto, Chris signed
03/27/12 Harrison Patriots Borowitz, Corey signed