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Pittsfield - Transactions


10/17/11 Flores, Miguel A. traded to Worcester
10/17/11 Molina, Angel released
10/17/11 Lomack, Jermel released
10/17/11 Torres, Chris released
10/17/11 Stronach, Tim released
10/17/11 Garner, Brandon released
09/22/11 Paronto, Chad released
09/21/11 Cevette, Daniel released
08/30/11 Lantigua, Eddie traded to New York in exchange for future consid.
08/29/11 Lantigua, Eddie acquired in trade from New York
08/17/11 Lluberes, Rafael released
08/17/11 Beauregard, Keith released
08/09/11 Garner, Brandon released
07/31/11 Beauregard, Keith signed
07/24/11 Nandin, Matt placed on disabled list
07/21/11 Cabreja, Rafael released
07/21/11 Lluberes, Rafael released
07/18/11 Ibanez, Yosandy released
07/18/11 Lyons, Matt released
07/16/11 Rubio, Chris signed
07/03/11 Katzman, Eric released
06/20/11 Yasui, Daisuke released
06/18/11 King, MacKenzie signed
06/17/11 Katzman, Eric signed
06/17/11 Pagliarulo, Charlie released
06/17/11 Cevette, Daniel placed on inactive list
06/07/11 Bresnehan, Pat released
05/26/11 Robinson, Chad released
05/26/11 Lopez, Josh released
05/26/11 Taylor, Jason released
05/22/11 Ortiz-Jusino, Adam released
05/16/11 Salvato, Matt released
12/31/10 Qualben, David acquired in trade from New Jersey
12/31/10 Gordon, Charlie traded to New Jersey
12/31/10 Loadenthal, Carl traded to New Jersey
11/15/10 Cruz, Reymond released
11/15/10 Padilla, Juan released