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Yakima Valley Pippins - Transactions


07/25/14 Thomson, Kyle signed
07/25/14 Ramey, Harrison signed
07/24/14 Hergert, Tim released
07/24/14 Roberts, Jake released
07/23/14 Snyder, JC released
07/23/14 Snyder, Taylor released
07/23/14 Fuller, Randy signed
07/09/14 Rosa, Ryan signed
07/07/14 Rosa, Ryan released
07/02/14 McCoy, Josh signed
07/02/14 Fuller, Randy released
06/17/14 Kerns, Beau signed
06/10/14 Ramos, Mike signed
06/10/14 Villa, Laz signed
06/03/14 Morgan, Eli signed
06/03/14 Jacobs, Justin signed