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Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings - Transactions


08/24/10 Nichols, Brian signed
08/22/10 Colmenarez, Herman released
08/20/10 Cardona, David placed on inactive list
08/20/10 Rosales, Andres activated
08/19/10 Carreras, Luis placed on inactive list
08/16/10 Cardona, David acquired in trade from San Angelo Colts for future considerations.
08/15/10 Colmenarez, Herman signed
08/14/10 Nieto, Jose released
08/13/10 Rosales, Andres placed on inactive list
08/12/10 Carreras, Luis signed
08/11/10 Cabrera, Juan traded to Coastal Bend Thunder for Player to be Named Later
08/10/10 Ventura, Leivi acquired in trade from Coastal Bend Thunder
08/10/10 Matsumoto, Yuki signed
08/10/10 Cabrera, Juan placed on inactive list
08/10/10 Griffin, Kevin traded to Coastal Bend Thunder for 3B Leivi Ventura
08/06/10 Griffin, Kevin placed on inactive list
08/05/10 Montoya, Jhonny signed
08/03/10 Martinez, Luis released
08/02/10 Septimo, Agustin placed on inactive list
08/02/10 Cabrera, Juan activated
07/29/10 Morris, Matt released
07/28/10 Raburn, Steve acquired in trade from Laredo Broncos to satisfy Juan Peralta trade
07/28/10 Morris, Matt signed
07/28/10 Cabrera, Juan placed on inactive list
07/27/10 Nieto, Jose signed
07/26/10 Septimo, Agustin signed
07/26/10 Matos, Miguel activated
07/26/10 de la Cruz, Deybi released
07/26/10 Artiles, Carlos released
07/26/10 Phillips, Justin released
07/24/10 Phillips, Justin signed
07/22/10 De La Rosa, Ruben signed
07/21/10 Matos, Miguel placed on inactive list
07/20/10 Cassidy, Mickey signed
07/20/10 Artiles, Carlos signed
07/19/10 Moody, Jason released
07/19/10 Moody, Jason released
07/18/10 Roa, Joel released
07/18/10 Dotel, Wellington signed
07/15/10 Garcia, Anderson placed on inactive list
07/12/10 Ballestas, Freddy placed on inactive list
07/11/10 Cabrera, Juan signed
07/11/10 Kelly, Tate signed
07/11/10 Prado, Marcel released
07/10/10 de la Cruz, Deybi signed
07/07/10 Barbosa, Michael placed on inactive list
07/07/10 Sanchez, Luany acquired in trade from Laredo Broncos for C Salvador Paniagua
07/07/10 Paniagua, Salvador traded to Laredo Broncos
07/05/10 Conrad, Greg released
07/03/10 Prado, Marcel signed
06/29/10 Baez, Welinson signed
06/29/10 Sanchez, Jose released
06/26/10 Martinez, Luis signed
06/25/10 Dietrich, Kevin Retired
06/22/10 Fulgencio, Jose released
06/20/10 Tejeda, Yeury signed
06/16/10 Whalen, Stephen placed on inactive list
06/10/10 Rodriguez, Roberto signed
06/09/10 Di Ricco, Domenic activated
06/09/10 Menadier, Brad released
06/07/10 Sanchez, Jose signed
06/07/10 Staniewicz, Zach released
06/06/10 Garcia, Anderson signed
06/06/10 Peralta, Juan traded to Laredo Broncos for Player to be Named Later
06/02/10 Toth, Jeff placed on inactive list