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Florence Freedom - Transactions


09/02/14 Rose, Pete signed
09/02/14 Marban, Jorge traded to outside league for a PTBNL
09/02/14 Rose, Pete Retired
08/09/14 Gomez, Rolando signed
08/09/14 Heck, Tyler released
08/06/14 Heck, Tyler signed
08/06/14 Soloman, Bryan signed
08/06/14 Overbey, Preston released
08/02/14 Wilson, Michael placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/30/14 Tanis, Jacob activated
07/30/14 Krebs, Adam released
07/25/14 Overbey, Preston signed
07/25/14 Squires, Chris acquired in trade from outside league from KC T-Bones for a PTBNL
07/25/14 Ross, Chance activated
07/25/14 Valle, Edgar released
07/25/14 Bryson, Caleb released
07/25/14 Kline, Ben released
07/24/14 Joyce, Doug signed
07/24/14 Staley, Joe traded to River City Rascals for a PTBNL & FL Draft Pick
07/23/14 Sosnoskie, Buddy activated
07/22/14 Torrence, Devon released
07/19/14 Torrence, Devon signed
07/19/14 Ross, Chance placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/11/14 Juarbe, Gaby activated
07/11/14 Sears, Orrin Retired
07/09/14 Ross, Chance signed
07/04/14 Solberg, Ryan signed
07/04/14 Blair, Zak signed
07/04/14 ONeal, Michael signed
07/04/14 Stein, Nick released
07/04/14 Tannehill, Bobby Joe released
07/04/14 Miller, Ryan released
07/04/14 Choban, Brent released
06/24/14 Taylor, Adam signed
06/24/14 Bluestein, Kyle released
06/20/14 Sears, Orrin signed
06/20/14 Juarbe, Gaby placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/17/14 Bluestein, Kyle activated
06/17/14 Kalusa, Justin released
06/11/14 Kalusa, Justin signed
06/11/14 Bryson, Caleb signed
06/11/14 Wilson, Michael signed
06/11/14 Choban, Brent signed
06/11/14 Roche, James released
06/11/14 Gallego, Niko released
06/11/14 McDaniel, Gregory released
06/11/14 Bluestein, Kyle placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/06/14 Miles, Cole activated
06/01/14 Sosnoskie, Buddy placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
05/30/14 Miles, Cole placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/30/14 Weaver, Chuck activated
05/27/14 Miller, Ryan signed
05/27/14 Roche, James signed
05/27/14 Tanis, Jacob placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
05/27/14 Murphy, Clark released
05/27/14 Henley, Ryan released
05/27/14 Kline, Ben acquired in trade from Schaumburg Boomers for 1st Rd Pick in 2015 Draft
05/24/14 McDaniel, Gregory signed
05/22/14 Weaver, Chuck placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/22/14 Allen, Brad sold to the Toronto Blue Jays
05/22/14 Murphy, Clark activated
05/16/14 Juarbe, Gaby signed
05/16/14 Albaugh, Matt released
05/14/14 Sosnoskie, Buddy signed
05/14/14 Murphy, Clark placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/14/14 Levitt, Pete signed
05/13/14 Strenge, Andrew released
05/13/14 McDaniel, Gregory released
05/13/14 Martinez, Justin released
05/13/14 Gentile, Thomas released
05/13/14 Budkevics, Bo released
05/11/14 Carballo, Mike released
05/11/14 Johnson, Alex released
05/11/14 Caceres , Andres released
05/10/14 Jordan, Cory released
05/10/14 Carrillo, Dave released
05/10/14 Johnson, Matthew released
05/10/14 Sheehan, Brian released
05/09/14 Albaugh, Matt acquired in trade from outside league Winnipeg-Future Considerations
05/09/14 Siano, Andrew released
05/09/14 Smith, Eliot released
05/09/14 Boyle, Brandon released
05/07/14 Allen, Brad signed
05/07/14 Robinson, Taylor released
05/07/14 White, Thomas (Walker) released
04/30/14 Cummins, Chris signed
04/30/14 Jordan, Cory signed
04/30/14 Bermudez, Pablo released
04/30/14 Rodriguez, Jake released
04/29/14 Johnson, Alex signed
04/29/14 Gentile, Thomas signed
04/29/14 McDaniel, Gregory signed
04/29/14 Valle, Edgar signed
04/15/14 Carballo, Mike signed
04/15/14 White, Thomas (Walker) signed
04/15/14 Siano, Andrew signed
04/15/14 Rodriguez, Jake signed
04/15/14 Martinez, Justin signed
04/15/14 Caceres , Andres signed
04/15/14 Kohout, Ed acquired in trade from outside league for PTBNL from Alpine Cowboys
03/26/14 Henley, Ryan signed
03/26/14 Boyle, Brandon signed
03/19/14 Gehle, Peter signed
03/17/14 Murphy, Clark signed
03/12/14 Choban, Brent traded to Lake Erie Crushers w/ PTBNL for Dave Middendorf
03/07/14 Carrillo, Dave signed
03/07/14 Mathes, Brandon released
03/07/14 Jacquot, Jim Retired
03/07/14 Harris, David released
03/07/14 Bass, Justin C. Retired
03/05/14 Eberle, Sam signed
03/03/14 Staley, Joe signed
03/03/14 Oros, Michael suspended
02/28/14 Kelly, Rob acquired in trade from outside league (Rockland Boulders)
02/28/14 Robinson, Taylor acquired in trade from outside league (Rockland Boulders)
02/28/14 Budkevics, Bo acquired in trade from outside league (Rockland Boulders)
02/28/14 Arrojo, Junior traded to outside league to Rockland Boulders
02/28/14 Robinson, Patrick released
02/17/14 Krebs, Adam signed
02/17/14 Smith, Eliot signed
02/17/14 Gallego, Niko signed
02/05/14 Johnson, Matthew signed
12/30/13 Wiley, Byron traded to outside league for INF Justin Bass
12/19/13 Hamilton, Jeremy traded to outside league for RHP Tim Verthein