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Lake Erie Crushers - Transactions


05/27/14 Ford, Adam activated
05/27/14 Ford, Adam activated
05/27/14 Paterson, Wes released
05/27/14 Paterson, Wes released
05/20/14 McCoy, Jordan signed
05/15/14 Rein, Matt suspended
05/15/14 Durham, Michael released
05/15/14 Orphanos, Christopher released
05/15/14 Longfellow, Trevor released
05/15/14 Choban, Brent released
05/15/14 Ford, Adam placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/15/14 Jahns, Michael placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
05/15/14 Davis, Andrew placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
05/14/14 Stevens, Trevor signed
05/14/14 Franchetti, Kevin signed
05/14/14 Name, No released
05/14/14 Jahns, Michael released
05/14/14 Baldelli, Nico released
05/14/14 Thompson, Conor released
05/14/14 Ware, Blake released
05/14/14 Bernal, Roger released
05/14/14 Kraus, Jordan released
05/14/14 Baldelli, Nico released
05/14/14 Del Rosso, Brian released
04/02/14 Litzinger, Matt signed
04/02/14 Haggett, Brian signed
04/02/14 Bricknell, Zachary signed
04/02/14 Baldelli, Nico signed
03/19/14 Hutchison, Ryan signed
03/12/14 Choban, Brent acquired in trade from Florence Freedom w/ PTBNL for Dave Middendorf
02/20/14 Kibby, Todd signed
02/18/14 Willige, Dalton signed
02/18/14 Durham, Michael signed
02/14/14 Thompson, Conor signed
02/13/14 Reardon IV, John Patrick signed
02/11/14 Del Rosso, Brian signed
02/07/14 Orphanos, Christopher signed
01/31/14 Rosado, Hommy signed