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Grand Prairie - Transactions


10/17/11 Espinosa, David acquired in trade from outside league Southern Maryland (Atl Lge.)
10/05/11 Alonso, John traded to Lincoln
10/05/11 Brown, Tim traded to Lincoln
09/13/11 Hunton, Jon traded to outside league Long Island (Atlantic League)
09/13/11 Douglas, Stephen traded to outside league Lancaster (Atlantic League)
09/13/11 Espinosa, David traded to outside league Southern Maryland (Atl. Lge)
08/26/11 Frichter, Bryan released
08/16/11 Henley, Tyler released
08/15/11 Montgomery, Trent released
08/15/11 Abbl, Frank released
08/14/11 Gunderson, Kyle released
08/12/11 Moody, Jason released
08/01/11 Railsback, Cody released
08/01/11 Sauceda, Jeremy released
07/29/11 Douglas, Stephen acquired in trade from El Paso in exchange for cash and PTBNL
07/24/11 Nathanson, David released
07/07/11 Cameron, Dustin sold to Philadelphia Phillies
07/01/11 Cross, Reece released
07/01/11 Cunningham, Jakob released
06/19/11 Godfrey, Kyle released
06/17/11 Clement, Scott released
06/13/11 Smith, Greg sold to New York Yankees
06/09/11 Jung, Jae released
06/07/11 Nathanson, David acquired in trade from Gary SouthShore
06/01/11 Bisnette, Chad released
06/01/11 Salmon, Rico released
05/22/11 Thompson, Kevin released
05/21/11 Jordan, Danny released
05/11/11 Ward, Zach traded to Fargo-Moorhead in exchange for cash and PTBNL
04/27/11 Arnold, Mitch released
04/22/11 Tacker, Ryne released
04/15/11 Luquette, Quentin released
04/15/11 Moore, Anthony released
04/15/11 Kenworthy, Joey released
04/15/11 Carrillo, Steve released
04/15/11 Gray , Antoin released
04/15/11 Ward, Zach released
04/15/11 Gonzalez, Marco released
04/15/11 Davis, Hunter released
04/13/11 Paxton , Ben traded to outside league to Lake Cty (N. American Lge.)
04/11/11 Carter , Brandon released
04/11/11 Green, Matt released
04/11/11 Berg, Daniel released
04/07/11 Schmidt, Daniel traded to outside league Brockton (Can-Am League)
03/17/11 Paxton, James sold to Seattle Mariners
03/15/11 Martin, Chris sold to Boston Red Sox
01/18/11 Banks Jr., Ernie traded to outside league Lake County (North Am. League)
01/11/11 Hollimon, Michael sold to
01/10/11 Garcia, Geivy traded to Amarillo in exchange for John Alonso
12/22/10 Jung, Jae acquired in trade from Wichita
12/13/10 Obispo, Jose released
12/13/10 Krause, Greg released