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Falmouth Commodores - Transactions


07/29/11 Moore, Ryan signed P/CF UConn
07/27/11 Santigate, RJ signed 3B Central Arizona College
07/26/11 Marder, Jack released
07/21/11 Redman, Reid signed IF Texas Tech
07/21/11 Heffley, Ross released
07/02/11 Anderson, Eric released
07/01/11 Smith, Andrew activated
07/01/11 Emanuel, Kent activated
07/01/11 Gardeck, Ian signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Battipaglia, Jerry signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Koneski, Nate signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Ferriter, Billy signed to full contract.
06/30/11 Brennan, Patrick released
06/28/11 Butler, Chase released
06/26/11 Thornhill, Nathan activated
06/26/11 Augliera, Mike released
06/17/11 Cuda, Joey released
06/16/11 Rodriguez, Jake activated
06/16/11 White, Max activated
06/16/11 VonTungeln, Kyle activated
06/16/11 Dalton, Ryan released
06/16/11 Cain, Eric released
06/16/11 Lowe, Derek released
06/16/11 Kiser, Kale released
06/15/11 Ferriter, Billy signed TEMP OF UConn
06/15/11 Loughlin, Jay released
06/15/11 Duffey, Tyler activated
06/15/11 Barnes, Barrett activated
06/13/11 Barrington, Tyler released
06/13/11 Mortimer, Kevin released
06/13/11 Marder, Jack activated
06/13/11 Smelter, DeAndre activated
06/13/11 Simms, John activated
06/13/11 King, Jared activated
06/13/11 Kieboom, Spencer activated
06/13/11 Easley, Josh activated
06/13/11 Martinez, Nick released
06/13/11 Cleary, Sean released
06/13/11 Bortolotti, Michael released