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Bourne Braves - Transactions


08/04/13 Dodge, Sam signed
08/03/13 Bonilla, Brandon signed
08/02/13 Colletti, Christian signed
08/02/13 Kraft, Michael signed
08/01/13 Dempsey, Trace released
07/30/13 Long, Jaron released
07/30/13 Gomber, Austin released
07/30/13 Boyd, Bobby released
07/03/13 Carroll, Chad released
07/03/13 Speer, David released
07/01/13 Harris, Ryan released
06/30/13 Costello, Michael activated
06/28/13 Skoglund, Eric released
06/24/13 Kerski, Kody released
06/23/13 English, Jack signed
06/23/13 Gardner, Jeff signed
06/20/13 Kellogg, Ryan activated
06/20/13 Harris, Joshua released
06/20/13 Martin, Michael released
06/20/13 Kuresa, Tyler signed
06/19/13 Long, Jaron signed
06/19/13 Harris, Ryan activated
06/19/13 Peterson, Patrick released
06/19/13 Cujas, Joey released