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Wareham Gatemen - Transactions


08/04/14 Chinea, Chris released
08/04/14 Rosenbaum, Danny released
08/04/14 Little, Jake released
08/04/14 Bormann, John released
08/04/14 Vasquez, Alberto signed
08/04/14 Peterson III, William signed
08/03/14 Adler, Sean released
08/03/14 Searles, Ian signed
08/03/14 Farias, Nathan signed
07/23/14 Downey, Brock released
07/12/14 Robinson, Errol released
07/12/14 Hartson, Brock released
07/03/14 Fuller, Nick released
07/02/14 Gentry, Myles released
06/29/14 Williamson, Ryan released
06/29/14 Knizner, Andrew released
06/29/14 Beck, Blair released
06/24/14 Brock, Justin released
06/19/14 Palmeiro, Preston released
06/19/14 Adams, Jesse released
06/15/14 Harper, Jason released