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Harwich Mariners - Transactions


08/01/10 Yerina, Ryan signed RHP Southern Conn. State
08/01/10 Shepard, Brenden signed RHP Stonehill College
07/13/10 Dugas, Taylor signed OF Alabama
07/12/10 Peavey, Greg signed RHP Oregon State
07/12/10 Mahtook, Mikie released
07/12/10 Rutledge, Lex released
07/08/10 Ciencin, Andrew released
06/25/10 Burawa, Daniel signed to full contract.
06/25/10 Motter, Taylor signed to full contract.
06/25/10 Pill, Tyler activated
06/25/10 Floro, Dylan released
06/25/10 Evatt, Dan released
06/24/10 Ijames, Stewart traded to Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox
06/24/10 Morgan, Adam activated
06/24/10 Dugas, Taylor released
06/24/10 Burawa, Daniel released
06/23/10 Mahtook, Mikie activated
06/23/10 Proscia, Steven activated
06/23/10 Hicks, John activated
06/23/10 Eliopoulos, Alex released
06/23/10 Williams, Les released
06/23/10 Sharpley, Ryan released
06/22/10 Motter, Taylor activated
06/22/10 Ijames, Stewart released
06/18/10 Goodwin, Brian activated
06/18/10 Michael, Levi activated
06/18/10 Price, Mathew released
06/15/10 Maynard, Pratt activated
06/15/10 Ciencin, Andrew activated
06/15/10 Price, Mathew activated
06/15/10 Reilly, Sean released
06/15/10 Castoldi, Pete released
06/15/10 Oxford, Eric released