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Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox - Transactions


08/02/10 Yarusi, Brett signed RHP Wesleyan
08/01/10 Law, Andrew signed INF BYU
07/30/10 Blanc, Rob signed RHP Franklin Pierce
07/15/10 McMahan, Ben signed to full contract.
07/15/10 Iannazzo, Matt signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Ribera, Jordan signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Ramsey, Caleb signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Ijames, Stewart signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Jensen , Matt signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Goodnight, Michael signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Iannazzo, Matt released
07/12/10 Bandy, Jett signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Taylor, Beau signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Shaw, Gabriel signed RHP Louisville
07/12/10 Hamlet, Matt released
07/12/10 McMahan, Ben released
07/12/10 Taylor, Beau released
07/08/10 Muno, Danny signed to full contract.
07/08/10 Pries, Jordan released
07/05/10 Leonard, John signed to full contract.
07/05/10 Jensen , Matt released
07/04/10 Mooneyham, Brett released
07/04/10 Gibson, Ryan activated
07/02/10 Fontanez, Randy activated
07/02/10 Leonard, John released
07/02/10 Desclafani, Anthony activated
07/02/10 Shaban, Ronnie released
06/30/10 Taylor, Beau activated
06/30/10 Fontanez, Randy released
06/27/10 Toledo, Tommy activated
06/27/10 Emmons, Dustin released
06/25/10 Fontanez, Randy signed TEMP RHP South Florida
06/25/10 McMahan, Ben activated
06/25/10 Meaux, Jesse released
06/25/10 Rush, Matt released
06/24/10 Ijames, Stewart acquired in trade from Harwich Mariners
06/24/10 Ijames, Stewart signed TEMP OF Louisville
06/24/10 Taylor, Beau released
06/22/10 Vinson, Matt activated
06/22/10 Baxendale, Douglas activated
06/22/10 Lambert, Brian released
06/22/10 Rodriguez, Alfredo released
06/19/10 Pries, Jordan activated
06/18/10 Shafer, Bryce released
06/17/10 Hanover, Tyler activated
06/17/10 Monroe, Brad released
06/15/10 Meaux, Jesse activated
06/14/10 Goodnight, Michael activated
06/14/10 Emmons, Dustin activated
06/14/10 Ribera, Jordan activated