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Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox - Transactions


08/02/12 Diekroger, Danny activated
07/31/12 Campbell, Robby signed INF South Alabama
07/31/12 Katz, Mason released
07/14/12 Bowen, Andrew signed RHP Oral Roberts
07/05/12 Hoffman, Jonny activated
07/03/12 Hoffman, Jonny released
07/03/12 Montefusco, Anthony released
07/02/12 Verbitsky, Bryan signed to full contract.
07/02/12 Hatcher, Preston signed to full contract.
07/02/12 Gilbert, Brian signed to full contract.
07/02/12 Anderson, Chris signed to full contract.
07/02/12 Swanson, Cole released
07/02/12 Gordon, Hunter released
07/02/12 Johnson, Michael released
07/02/12 OHare, Chris released
07/02/12 Vanegas, AJ activated
07/02/12 Tobias, Josh activated
07/01/12 Sciacca, Tyler released
07/01/12 Denato, Joey activated
07/01/12 Blair, Zak signed to full contract.
07/01/12 Asuaje, Carlos signed to full contract.
06/30/12 Sciacca, Tyler signed to full contract.
06/28/12 Squier, Scott released
06/26/12 Shafer, Justin activated
06/26/12 Lively, Ben activated
06/26/12 Schrader, Jake released
06/26/12 Convissar, Kyle released
06/23/12 Gonzalez, Alex activated
06/23/12 Smith, Tyler released
06/21/12 Katz, Mason activated
06/21/12 Thurman, Andrew activated
06/21/12 Mathis, Tanner activated
06/21/12 Blandino, Alex activated
06/21/12 Manning, Chris released
06/21/12 Sujka, Chris released
06/21/12 Pare, Matthew released
06/21/12 Melchiore, Steve released
06/18/12 Linney, Spenser activated
06/18/12 Harwick, Clinton released
06/15/12 Reistetter, Matthew released
06/15/12 Hatcher, Preston activated