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Brewster Whitecaps - Transactions


07/22/10 Soule, Billy signed RHP Minnesota
07/21/10 Palazzone, Mike released
07/21/10 Ranaudo, Anthony released
07/15/10 Norfork, Khayyan signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Berti, Jon signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Ard, Taylor signed to full contract.
07/12/10 Carillo, Kendall signed to full contract.
07/06/10 Hendricks, Kyle signed to full contract.
07/05/10 Wright, Austin released
07/05/10 Kahnle, Thomas released
07/05/10 Ellison, Chris activated
07/02/10 Wright, Austin activated
07/02/10 Renken, Daniel activated
07/02/10 Barrett, Jake activated
07/02/10 Carillo, Kendall released
07/02/10 Etier, Jordan released
07/02/10 Hendricks, Kyle released
07/02/10 Andreoli, John released
06/25/10 Crouse, Matt activated
06/25/10 Monroe, Brad released
06/24/10 Melendres, Nathan activated
06/24/10 Buchanan, David released
06/22/10 Carillo, Kendall signed TEMP RHP Texas
06/22/10 Matulis, Chris released
06/20/10 Buchanan, David activated
06/20/10 Etier, Jordan activated
06/20/10 Walla, Cohl activated
06/20/10 Walters, Eric released
06/20/10 Smith, Chad released
06/20/10 Maguire, Ryan released
06/20/10 Botsford, Brett released
06/19/10 Kahnle, Thomas signed TEMP RHP Lynn University
06/19/10 Monroe, Brad signed TEMP RHP Southern NH
06/19/10 Brantley, Robert released
06/18/10 Varce, Zach released
06/18/10 Martinez, Harold released
06/17/10 Bard, Luke activated
06/15/10 Larkins, Matt activated
06/14/10 Lubinsky, Austin activated
06/14/10 Jones, Derek activated
06/14/10 Oh, Danny activated