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Chatham Anglers - Transactions


07/07/11 Marzilli, Evan activated
07/06/11 Gianis, John signed OF NC State
07/05/11 Blair, Patrick signed
07/02/11 Reilly, Sean signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Leisenheimer, Justin released
07/02/11 Berry, Jake released
07/02/11 Brazis, Matt released
07/02/11 Blair, Patrick released
06/30/11 Penny, Cody activated
06/30/11 Roberts, Matthew activated
06/30/11 Munnelly, Chris activated
06/26/11 Sonberg, Ryan released
06/22/11 Fleishman, Matt released
06/22/11 Hopkins, Brent released
06/18/11 Warner, Bryant released
06/18/11 Powers, Alex released
06/18/11 OConnell, Shane released
06/18/11 Bailey, Hunter released
06/18/11 Conway, Matthew released
06/17/11 Blair, Patrick signed Wake Forest to full contract.
06/17/11 Amaral, Beau activated
06/17/11 Davis, Trae activated
06/15/11 Perez, Stephen activated
06/15/11 Farmer, Buck activated
06/15/11 Connors, Justin released
06/13/11 Bailey, Hunter signed TEMP IF Oklahoma State
06/13/11 Berry, Jake signed TEMP OF Marist
06/13/11 Gibbs, Jeffrey activated
06/13/11 Phillips, Dane activated
06/13/11 Bilodeau, Keith signed RHP Maine to full contract.
06/13/11 Vander Tuig, Nicholas released