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Chatham Anglers - Transactions


07/09/10 DePinto, Joe signed INF Southern California
07/06/10 Amaral, Beau activated
07/01/10 Pohl, Philip activated
06/26/10 Zecchino, Marc signed to full contract.
06/23/10 Westlake, Aaron activated
06/23/10 Perez, Stephen activated
06/23/10 Smith, Garret released
06/23/10 Besinger, Billy released
06/20/10 Munnelly, Chris activated
06/20/10 Davis, Garrett activated
06/20/10 Carroll, George released
06/19/10 Verrett, Logan activated
06/19/10 Reynolds, Riley activated
06/19/10 Stallings, Jacob activated
06/19/10 LeBarron, Zach released
06/19/10 Miller, Joe released
06/19/10 Scanlan, Kevin released
06/16/10 Self, Derek activated