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Cowlitz Black Bears - Transactions


08/08/14 Sullivan, Michael signed to a 10-day contract
08/03/14 Gamble, Grant released
07/31/14 Poupore, Brian placed on inactive list
07/31/14 Greco, Joey placed on inactive list
07/31/14 Rustich, Derrick released
07/29/14 Hunt, Kyle released
07/29/14 Valenzuela, Zebastian released
07/28/14 Krueger, Colton released
07/28/14 Bieber, Shane released
07/28/14 Lane, Trevor released
07/28/14 Newman, Riley signed
07/19/14 Dahlberg, Jake released
07/03/14 Rider, Lars signed
07/03/14 Aguilar, Ryan released
07/01/14 Rossman, Kyle released
06/24/14 Reece, Jon released
06/20/14 Mott, Clay released
06/20/14 Mickelson, Cooper released
06/18/14 Balfour, Joe released
06/18/14 Corn, Jake released
06/13/14 Dyer, Grant placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/08/14 Bambush, Zane placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)