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Cowlitz Black Bears - Transactions


08/07/12 Watts, Kody released
08/05/12 Lively, Blake signed
08/05/12 Swinford, Ben released
07/30/12 Bjorklund, Jon signed
07/30/12 Wobrock, Austin released
07/30/12 Frattali, Brian released
07/30/12 Cordova, Alec released
07/28/12 Gauna, Koby released
07/28/12 Luther, Drew released
07/26/12 Collura, Bud signed
07/04/12 Harkin, Scott released
06/19/12 Van Atta, Jordyn released
06/19/12 Egli, Zev released
06/19/12 Pechmann, Matt released
06/19/12 Johnson, Joel released
06/11/12 Huson, Eric released