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Walla Walla Sweets - Transactions


07/13/11 Fittry, Drew released
06/13/11 Leach, Michael released
06/10/11 Bonczyk, Alex released
06/01/11 Bonczyk, Alex signed to a 10-day contract
05/25/11 Leach, Michael signed to a 10-day contract
05/19/11 Kopacz, Chance signed
03/17/11 Williams, Kevin signed
03/03/11 Watson, Brett signed
02/17/11 Gentili, Nick signed
02/17/11 Campbell, James signed
02/10/11 Soja, Geoff signed
02/10/11 Fittry, Drew signed
01/18/11 Yardley, Eric signed
01/18/11 Mack, Cory signed
01/12/11 Kallunki, Goose signed
01/12/11 Heaps, Austin signed
12/29/10 Wentz, Zach signed
12/29/10 Anderson, Simon signed
12/22/10 Mendenhall, Andrew signed
12/22/10 Nice, Zach signed
12/15/10 Allen, Brenton signed
12/08/10 Jewett, Daniel signed
12/08/10 Hoverson, Aaron signed
12/08/10 Billen, Tyler signed
12/02/10 Anderson, Kyle signed
12/02/10 Stanford, Alex signed
11/30/10 Culligan, Tim signed
11/30/10 Overbay, Jacob signed
11/18/10 Young, Kody signed
11/18/10 Richardson, Ryan signed
11/11/10 Stewart, Elliot signed
11/11/10 Chavez, Denver signed
11/03/10 Gottschling, Scott signed
10/28/10 Santschi, Sean signed
10/28/10 Peterson, Derek signed
10/21/10 Jacobs, Brett signed
10/21/10 Christie, Doug signed
10/14/10 Brackenridge, Kalani signed
10/14/10 Allianic, Trent signed
04/25/01 Hawk, Kevin signed