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Corvallis Knights - Transactions


08/15/11 Andriese, David placed on inactive list
07/30/11 Foulon, Alex placed on inactive list
07/19/11 Duke, Adam placed on inactive list
07/13/11 Dykes, J.K. released
07/13/11 Sherfy, Jimmie activated
07/11/11 Gotta, Cade signed
07/11/11 Sherfy, Jimmie placed on inactive list
07/06/11 Zarosinski, Tom released
07/05/11 Gorton, Ryan signed
07/05/11 Pechmann, Matt released
07/05/11 Hepner, Justin released
07/05/11 Duffin, Tyler released
06/30/11 Blackham, Nathan placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/26/11 Bogue, Jaret placed on inactive list
06/21/11 Boyd, Griffin placed on inactive list
06/20/11 Oleszczuk, Trent signed
06/20/11 Roberts, Nate released
06/20/11 Blake, Michael released
06/14/11 Alexander, Dayton released
06/13/11 Fink, Grant released
06/13/11 Ranta, Brian released
06/13/11 Hill, Taylor released
06/12/11 Cuckovich, Nic released
06/11/11 Whisler, Jacob placed on inactive list
06/07/11 Lund, Dane signed
06/07/11 Foulon, Alex signed
06/07/11 Hall, Nicholas released
05/26/11 Duke, Adam signed
05/26/11 Dolman, Nate released
05/12/11 Fink, Grant signed to a 10-day contract
05/12/11 Scott , Kramer signed to a 10-day contract
05/05/11 Defazio, Brandon released
05/03/11 Armenta, Nick released
05/02/11 Bogue, Jaret signed
04/27/11 Nylen, Matt signed to a 10-day contract
04/27/11 Ranta, Brian signed to a 10-day contract
04/25/11 Christian, Cam released
04/21/11 Altobelli, Bo released
04/14/11 Hall, Nicholas signed to a 10-day contract
04/04/11 Altobelli, Bo signed
03/30/11 Sears, Orrin released
03/18/11 Fraser, Beau placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
01/21/11 Sears, Orrin signed
01/14/11 Blackham, Nathan signed
01/06/11 Santos, Sebastian signed
01/03/11 Hoover, Nick signed
12/30/10 Roberts, Nate signed
12/28/10 Dykes, J.K. signed
12/21/10 Boyd, Griffin signed to a 10-day contract
12/21/10 Armenta, Nick signed to a 10-day contract
12/21/10 Myrom, Sean signed to a 10-day contract
12/21/10 Hill, Taylor signed to a 10-day contract
12/17/10 Trentacosta, Mark signed
12/13/10 McNutt, Kyle signed
11/25/10 Duffin, Tyler signed
11/24/10 Pechmann, Matt signed
11/24/10 Dolman, Nate signed
11/22/10 Christian, Cam signed
11/03/10 Davis, Corey signed
10/20/10 Defazio, Brandon signed
10/12/10 Cuckovich, Nic signed
10/11/10 Trentacosta, Mark signed
10/08/10 Stuart, Dylan signed
10/08/10 Andriese, David signed
10/08/10 Patito, Mitch signed
10/07/10 Hofmann, Connor signed
10/07/10 Sherfy, Jimmie signed
10/06/10 Schultz, Scott signed
10/06/10 Zarosinski, Tom signed
10/06/10 Wetzler, Ben signed
10/01/10 Hart, Kyle signed
09/28/10 Hepner, Justin signed
09/26/10 Alexander, Dayton signed
09/25/10 Johnson, Chase signed
09/25/10 Armendariz, David signed
09/25/10 Allen, Jimmy signed
09/24/10 Young, Eric signed
09/23/10 Moore, Corey signed
09/23/10 Beatty, Max signed
09/21/10 Mendoza, Chris signed
09/16/10 Blake, Michael signed
09/15/10 Fraser, Beau signed