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Corvallis Knights - Transactions


06/25/14 Lee, Slater released
06/24/14 Howard, Michael released
06/20/14 Snodgrass, Jason signed
06/20/14 Kelly, Michael released
06/18/14 Padlo, Kevin released
06/18/14 Ruckert, Jackson released
06/18/14 Cleary, Jimmy released
06/09/14 Howard, Michael signed
05/22/14 Spencer, Jordan released
05/22/14 Martin, Michael released
05/21/14 Nogosek, Stephen released
05/06/14 Kayser, Zach released
04/23/14 Farley, Kevin signed to a 10-day contract
04/22/14 Sodders, Austin signed
04/11/14 Vargas, Christopher released
03/20/14 Nowak, Mike released
03/11/14 Hardy, Alex released
02/20/14 Shaw, Chris signed
02/05/14 Leopold, Phillip signed to a 10-day contract
02/03/14 Ayo, Ray released
01/24/14 Martin, Michael signed
01/24/14 Vargas, Christopher signed
01/15/14 Lund, Dane signed
12/09/13 Nesbitt, Alex signed
12/09/13 Hardy, Alex signed
12/09/13 Choate, Brandon signed
12/06/13 Smith, Alec signed
12/06/13 Lee, Slater signed
12/06/13 Calomeni, Justin signed
12/05/13 Kelly, Michael signed to a 10-day contract
12/04/13 Nowak, Mike signed
12/04/13 Kline, Kevin signed
12/01/13 Lockwood, Jackson signed
12/01/13 Hammond, Ted signed
11/27/13 Lucarelli, Michael signed
10/28/13 Gallegos, Marc signed
10/25/13 Duffin, Joe signed
10/22/13 Padlo, Kevin signed
10/18/13 Mahlum, Derrick signed
10/18/13 Bishop, Chris signed
10/17/13 Ruckert, Jackson signed to a 10-day contract
10/17/13 Quinlan, Scott signed
10/17/13 Kelly, Dalton signed
10/17/13 White, Stephen signed
10/17/13 Landazuri, Angel signed
10/08/13 Melker, Grant signed
10/01/13 Rausch, Tim signed
10/01/13 Kayser, Zach signed
09/12/13 Spencer, Jordan signed
09/12/13 Eberhardt, Sean signed
09/12/13 Haddeland, Chris signed
09/05/13 Ayo, Ray signed to a 10-day contract
09/05/13 Cleary, Jimmy signed to a 10-day contract
09/05/13 Wise, Joey signed