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Corvallis Knights - Transactions


08/19/13 Kline, Kevin released
08/19/13 Michaud, Chad released
08/19/13 Schroeder, Jacob released
08/09/13 Heck, Seth released
07/31/13 Keyes, Kavin signed
07/29/13 Hecht, Dylan released
06/25/13 Engelbrekt, Max released
06/25/13 Moore, Andrew released
06/23/13 Treadway, Kyle released
06/23/13 Zarosinski, Tom released
06/23/13 Huson, Eric released
06/23/13 Huson, Eric released
06/18/13 Otness, Jake released
06/12/13 Beatty, Max released
06/03/13 Heck, Seth signed
05/23/13 Watts, Kody released
05/08/13 Camus, Kellen released
05/06/13 Beatty, Max signed
04/30/13 Engelbrekt, Max signed
04/25/13 Gallegos, Marc released
04/25/13 Johnson, Sam released
04/12/13 Malone Jr., Eddie released
04/04/13 Drake, Blake signed
01/31/13 Eberhardt, Sean signed to a 10-day contract
01/02/13 Stone, Scott signed to a 10-day contract
12/17/12 Michaud, Chad signed to a 10-day contract
12/10/12 Watts, Kody signed
12/04/12 Blackham, Nathan signed
12/04/12 Huson, Eric signed
12/04/12 Treadway, Kyle signed to a 10-day contract
12/03/12 Johnson, Sam signed
11/30/12 Otness, Jake signed to a 10-day contract
11/29/12 Lund, Dane signed
11/28/12 Priestley, Jared signed
11/22/12 Malone Jr., Eddie signed to a 10-day contract
11/21/12 Nesbitt, Alex signed
11/20/12 Moore, Andrew signed
11/19/12 Duffin, Joey signed
11/17/12 Kline, Kevin signed
11/14/12 Zarosinski, Tom signed to a 10-day contract
11/13/12 Rabago, Chris signed
11/13/12 Surrey, Elliot signed
11/08/12 Hecht, Dylan signed
11/05/12 Schroeder, Jacob signed
11/05/12 Camus, Kellen signed
11/02/12 Lenahan, Cody signed
11/02/12 Lucarelli, Michael signed
11/02/12 Feldtman, Colin signed
11/01/12 Naderer, Andrew signed
10/30/12 Barker, Devon signed
10/29/12 Nogosek, Stephen signed
10/29/12 Ruppert, Nick signed
10/29/12 Van Gansen, Peter signed
10/29/12 Mundell, Brian signed
10/29/12 Bloomquist, Casey signed
10/25/12 Choate, Brandon signed
10/06/12 Melker, Grant signed
10/06/12 Clark, Gabe signed
10/01/12 Gallegos, Marc signed
09/26/12 Craig, Gus signed
09/26/12 Bishop, Chris signed