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Long Beach Armada - Transactions


08/18/09 Sherrill, J.J. activated
08/18/09 Calzado, Napoleon placed on inactive list
08/14/09 Buller, Sean placed on inactive list ; remains as Pitching Coach
08/14/09 Beal, Zach signed
08/07/09 Irabu, Hideki released
07/31/09 Lima, Jose traded to Edmonton Capitals for Kris Honel
07/28/09 Baran, Chase signed
07/28/09 Young, Steve released
07/26/09 Tacker, Ryne traded to Chico Outlaws
07/26/09 Luyben, Dan acquired in trade from Chico Outlaws
07/22/09 Garrison, Casey placed on inactive list
07/22/09 Moss, Steve signed
07/21/09 Hirsh, Matt released
07/21/09 Shah, Asif signed
07/17/09 Birosik, Dustin released
07/16/09 Birosik, Dustin placed on inactive list
07/16/09 Misawa, Koichi activated
07/15/09 Spradlin, Jerry released
07/09/09 Sherrill, J.J. placed on inactive list
07/09/09 Hirsh, Matt signed
07/08/09 Watson, Scott signed
07/08/09 Misawa, Koichi placed on inactive list
06/29/09 Ramsey, Keith released
06/28/09 Miller, Chad released
06/28/09 Kaplan, Jonny activated
06/26/09 Calzado, Napoleon signed
06/17/09 Sherrill, J.J. activated
06/17/09 Kaplan, Jonny placed on inactive list
06/16/09 Gober, Dusty signed
06/16/09 Arneson, Jamie released
06/16/09 Misawa, Koichi activated
06/16/09 Jimenez, Juan released
05/23/09 Kaplan, Jonny signed
05/23/09 Sherrill, J.J. placed on inactive list