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Butler Blue Sox - Transactions


07/29/12 Dorsch, Eric released
07/29/12 Hoelzel, Joey released
07/27/12 Vranka, Steve signed
07/27/12 Meyer, Gavin released
07/26/12 Newman Jr., James (LJ) released
07/26/12 Risch, Randall signed
07/26/12 Emes, Eddie signed
07/25/12 Wilkinson, Ryan released
07/19/12 Henderson, Josh signed
07/18/12 Marangon, Chris released
07/17/12 Young, Calyn signed
07/16/12 Elliott, Andrew released
07/04/12 Newman Jr., James (LJ) signed
07/03/12 Rasky, Christopher released
06/29/12 Sullivan, Brett signed
06/28/12 DiBartolomeo, Nick released
06/22/12 Costantino, Brendan signed
06/22/12 Richardson, Ryan released
06/14/12 Kucenic, David signed
06/14/12 Courter, Jeff released
06/08/12 DiBartolomeo, Nick activated
06/01/12 DiBartolomeo, Nick placed on inactive list Not Available List 6/1-6/7