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Springfield Sliders - Transactions


07/27/12 Musec, Nick signed
07/25/12 Maziarz, David signed
07/25/12 Repenning, Cody released
07/25/12 McDonnell, Rob released
07/23/12 George, Cale signed
07/18/12 Vansaghi, Ryan signed
07/18/12 Holcombe, Jeremy released
07/18/12 Stevens, Matthew released
07/18/12 Bergren, Jake released
07/13/12 Ingold, Jake released
07/13/12 Frederick, Max signed
07/13/12 Cox, Dalton signed
07/02/12 Shaw, Brandon released
06/29/12 Stallings, Cade released
06/29/12 Wendorf, Zach signed
06/21/12 Peters, Adam released
06/19/12 Bergren, Jake activated
06/19/12 Ingold, Jake signed
06/19/12 Stallings, Cade placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/19/12 Sablotny, Bryce released
06/12/12 Cawthon, Jordan released
06/12/12 Bergren, Jake placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)