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Hannibal Cavemen - Transactions


08/01/12 Loraine, Zach signed
07/28/12 Golden, J. released
07/28/12 Simmons, Steffen signed
07/21/12 Brush, Adam released
07/21/12 Carlson, Dustin signed
07/20/12 Delgado, Denys signed
07/19/12 Wolf, Jake released
07/18/12 Hansen, Neal signed
07/17/12 Hall, Sam released
07/16/12 Kane, Mike released
07/16/12 Gonzalez, Roberto signed
07/13/12 Fletcher, Derek signed
07/13/12 Villa, Randy released
06/26/12 Rosenberger, Matt released
06/19/12 Rosenberger, Matt signed to a 7 day contract
06/12/12 Rosenberger, Matt signed
06/12/12 Villa, Randy placed on inactive list Not Available List 6/12-6/18