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Dubois County Bombers - Transactions


07/28/12 Johnson, Tim signed
07/27/12 Devlin, Casey released
07/27/12 Rosbottom, Drew signed
07/26/12 Neel, Brendan released
07/16/12 Hayes, Travis signed
07/13/12 Kruse, Justin signed
07/13/12 Luna, Taylor released
07/13/12 Nelson, Devin released
07/06/12 Marchan, Nelson signed
07/04/12 Simmons, Ryan signed
07/03/12 Long, Zach signed
07/03/12 Devlin, Casey signed
07/03/12 McClung, Joey released
07/02/12 Barela, Eloy released
07/02/12 Rawdow, Frank released
06/28/12 Torres, Pichi signed
06/26/12 Brake, Tyler signed
06/25/12 Jesch, David released
06/19/12 Rupe, Kyle released
06/13/12 Nelson, Devin signed