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Danville Dans - Transactions


07/24/12 Whitty, Nick signed
07/18/12 Gordon, Zach signed
07/18/12 Stancil, Cole signed
07/16/12 Minton, Wes released
07/16/12 Herrington, Dalton released
07/14/12 Sterrett, Dylan signed
07/14/12 Pashuck, Jamie released
07/13/12 Roney, Bradley released
07/13/12 Fiasco, Logan released
07/13/12 Ruse, Bobby released
06/15/12 Fletcher, Casey signed
06/15/12 Kline, Breck released
06/14/12 Fletcher, Casey signed to a 7 day contract
06/14/12 Kline, Breck placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/09/12 Fitts, Trevor signed
06/09/12 Mahood, Jason released
06/09/12 Deaton, Blake released