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La Crosse Loggers - Transactions


07/27/13 Teykl, Connor waived
07/10/13 Van Eaton, Jonathon waived
07/08/13 McDowell, Max waived
07/08/13 Lee, Collin waived
07/08/13 Caufield, Craig waived
07/01/13 Price, Dexter waived
07/01/13 Castro, Branden waived
06/30/13 Rafferty, Liam waived
06/24/13 Woolley, Chris waived
06/23/13 Yost, Grant waived
06/23/13 Effertz, Joel waived
06/17/13 Van Kekerix, Ben waived
06/16/13 Risdon, Matt waived
06/15/13 Watson, Jordan waived
05/27/13 Brasser, Ryan waived