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Brewster Whitecaps - Transactions


07/31/12 Lorenzen, Mike activated
07/02/12 Spezial, Niko signed to full contract.
07/02/12 Burchett, Michael signed to full contract.
07/02/12 Smith, Tyler signed to full contract.
07/02/12 Kalish, Jake signed to full contract.
07/02/12 Moynihan, Matt released
06/29/12 Booth, Brett signed C Alabama
06/29/12 Williams, Kevin activated
06/29/12 Thomas, Derrick released
06/29/12 Mason, Josh released
06/29/12 Gaige, Nolan released
06/27/12 Healy, Ryon activated
06/27/12 Rosenfeld, Mike released
06/26/12 Nivins, Tanner activated
06/24/12 Smith, Tyler activated
06/23/12 Davis, Dylan activated
06/23/12 Carcaise, Scott released
06/23/12 Graham, Kasceim released
06/22/12 Navin, Spencer activated
06/21/12 Leckenby, James activated
06/21/12 Monda, Jason activated
06/19/12 Nivins, Tanner signed OF Stony Brook
06/19/12 Rosenfeld, Mike signed to full contract.