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Pointstreak's terminal eliminates the need for paper gamesheets and delivers real-time hockey statistics over the Internet. Touch-screen and ruggedized, Pointstreak's terminal has been designed to be both easy-to-use and durable.

Pointstreak's terminal is installed rinkside within a scorekeeper's area and then is hardwired or wirelessly connected to a standard Internet connection. Instead of recording a goal or penalty on paper, the scorekeeper enters it directly into Pointstreak's terminal.

The terminal is called an "electronic gamesheet" because it effectively replaces a paper gamesheet. Anything a paper gamesheet can do, Pointstreak's terminal can do.

Terminal Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
No paper required Eliminates the need for paper gamesheets and data-entry
Real-time stats • Delivers real-time statistics to the Internet
• Scores, stats and standings are always up-to-date, complete and detailed
Easy-to-use Touch-screen and intuitive design make the terminal very "scorekeeper-friendly"
Easy-to-install Works with standard High-speed Internet connections
Automatic suspensions Suspended players are flagged and are prevented from playing
Automatic updates Terminal software is automatically updated
Protects data Game information is saved in case of power loss or communications loss
Durable Ruggedized for cold, humid and tough environments
Customer Support "Pointstreak Support" is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any questions, problems or suggestions.

Terminal Demo

The demo to your right demonstrates the ease at which a goal is entered on the terminal by a scorekeeper or referee. The touch-screen capability of our terminals allows for quick data entry.
This terminal demo represents 50% of the actual screen size. To learn more about the terminal including screenshots, please visit our "Products" section under "Pointstreak PRO" and "Pointstreak Plus".

 Learn more about the laptop-based solution
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