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Pointstreak's online entry tool is the affordable method of recording game information that still requires the use of paper gamesheets, but doesn't require every rink to have a Pointstreak terminal.

The online entry tool allows a league administrator or their staff to login to Pointstreak's web-based tools and enter in a game that was recorded on paper. Although this does not eliminate the data-entry of paper gamesheets, it is an affordable way for smaller leagues to experience Pointstreak's system without having to commit to terminals.

With the online entry tool, leagues still have access to Pointstreak's powerful web-based administrative tools and players still get access to scores, stats and standings.

Online Entry Tool Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
No terminal required Does not required a league to have terminals installed
Easy-to-access Access online entry tool, and web-based administrative tools, from any Internet-connected computer in the world
Easy-to-use User-friendly design allows for the quick entry of a paper gamesheet
Easy-to-install No software to download, install or upgrade
Printable gamesheets In order to assist data-entry, prepared paper gamesheets can be printed from Pointstreak's website
Automatic updates Web-based software is automatically updated
Low-risk Designed as an affordable "starter kit" for smaller leagues or leagues who wish to test out Pointstreak prior to committing to terminals

Upgrade seamlessly to terminal or laptop-based solution at any point throughout your season

Online Entry Tool Screenshot
The online entry tool was designed to mimic a paper gamesheet. This makes for easy entry and data transfer from paper to web.

To learn more about the online entry tool including more detailed screenshots, please visit our "Products" section under "Pointstreak PRO" and "Pointstreak Plus".

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