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Pointstreak Partners With SquadLocker to Provide Online Store Services

Oct 07, 2011

TORONTO, ON Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. and SquadLocker are pleased to announce the partnership agreement in which SquadLocker will provide complete Online Store Services to Pointstreak customers.

Pointstreak customers can now sign up for a free online store to maximize their Pointstreak experience through its recent partnership with SquadLocker. The Online Store service is provided at no cost and provides the Pointstreak customer with a new revenue-generating vehicle. The SquadLocker service eliminates all the work by providing a “one stop shop” for players and fans. SquadLocker provides customization of products allowing players to create unique apparel in minutes online. 

“Pointstreak is a fantastic company that we are extremely excited to begin working with and by integrating both technologies the end user is going to be blown away with the services,” said SquadLocker CEO, Gary Goldberg. “Pointstreak is a cut above the rest, and we look forward to continuing to build a fantastic relationship with them for years to come.”

Signing up for an online store is simple and can be completed within a day with SquadLocker. With all sporting lines available and thousands of brand name products to choose from SquadLocker has your team covered. Goldberg says that “Pointstreak will play a crucial role in bringing our SquadLocker Online Store capabilities to a deserving audience across the Pointstreak network.” 

“I’m really impressed with the Pointstreak Software,” says Goldberg. “We’re really excited to have this cutting edge technology attached to our products and services now.”

“We look forward to enhancing the online experience for all Pointstreak customers through the addition of SquadLocker.” said Scott Secord, President & CEO of Pointstreak. “Pointstreak’s audience of over 4 million sports enthusiasts is a great  fit with Squadlocker’s product offering. I think our leagues, teams and associations are going to be very impressed with what Squadlocker has to offer.”   

About SquadLocker:

At SquadLocker, we strive to exceed your expectations in both product quality and service. We are a growing company that supplies thousands of apparel, uniforms and accessory items that can be customized and personalized. We give individual consumers the ability to create, design, and buy personalized products. We serve schools, teams, colleges, and more.

More information about SquadLocker can be found at    

About Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.:

Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.'s mission is to provide innovative technologies to enhance the experience of the global sports community.

Pointstreak provides innovative software for sports organizations such as associations, leagues, clubs and teams that are geared towards streamlining operations and improving the experience of the sports participant, fan and media. Pointstreak's major brands include: Pointstreak Stats, a real-time scoring & official league statistics system; Pointstreak Registration; an online registration & payment processing system; Pointstreak Sites; a website content management system; Team Locker Room, a free team-based social network; and STEVA Sports; sports video indexing and analysis software.

More information about Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. can be found at or through the product information website


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