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Pointstreak Announces Two Major New Services: Online Registration and Website Hosting & Design

Jun 13, 2008

Toronto, ON – Inc. announced today the launch of two major new services that both promise to be as technically strong as Pointstreak’s market leading real-time scoring and statistical system. The new services, called “Pointstreak Registration” and “Pointstreak Sites”, are being designed to be highly integrated with each other as well as with Pointstreak’s market leading statistical system, to be known going forward as “Pointstreak Stats”. This unmatched level of integration between Pointstreak Registration, Pointstreak Sites and Pointstreak Stats will result in efficiency gains as well as one-stop-shop for Pointstreak’s client base.

Pointstreak, primarily known for its innovation in streamlining the collection and delivery of real-time sports data, has added a new online registration and a website hosting & design service as important elements to round out its total service offering to its current and future clients. Pointstreak’s clients are typically amateur or professional sports leagues looking for ways to streamline league operations and improve services to players, parents, fans or media.

Pointstreak Registration, for example, will enable league managers to offer online registration to its membership, such as players, parents, coaches and team representatives, and will also allow its members to conveniently pay online using various convenient and secure payment options, such as major credit cards.

Most importantly, what will set Pointstreak Registration apart from similar online registration services will be its unrivaled, real-time integration with Pointstreak’s statistical service, Pointstreak Stats. For Pointstreak’s client base, this will mean a seamless and effortless flow of data between this new registration system and Pointstreak’s traditional statistical service. Once a player has registered and paid through Pointstreak’s registration component, that player will automatically be added to their team’s roster in Pointstreak’s statistical component. The result for Pointstreak’s customers will be a dramatic increase in efficiency through the elimination of duplicate data entry, data maintenance and time delays caused by exporting/importing.

“Most sports leagues have various disconnected, siloed databases to manage their league. One for player registrations, one for tracking payments, one for their stats system and so on. Typically, these databases and systems do not communicate well together” said Pointstreak’s Vice President of Communications, Gregg Sayer. “Over the years, our clients have asked us for a simple, online registration and payment system that integrates well with our stats system in order to further streamline league operations. Pointstreak’s new online league registration software and payment system is our answer to this need and we are committing ourselves to providing a first-class experience to our current and future customers.”

Pointstreak’s other major new service, Pointstreak Sites, will boast a fully featured website content management system (CMS) that will provide Pointstreak’s clients with full control over their website content. Pointstreak Sites will enable clients to create and update their own webpages or upload important documents. Being under the Pointstreak service umbrella, Pointstreak Sites will have unprecedented access to custom statistics components that will seamlessly integrate Pointstreak’s statistical information. Other features of Pointstreak Sites will include a photo gallery, events calendar and news module all of which can be updated by the client or other authorized users.

Prior to Pointstreak Sites, a common problem for league managers has been the hassle of trying to integrate Pointstreak’s statistical component within their existing website, often resulting in poorly designed websites as well as the extra work and cost for the client to coordinate between the different parties. Pointstreak Sites empowers the client to manage their own website and provides effortless web integration with Pointstreak’s registration component and statistical component.

'“Pointstreak Sites, like our registration system, provides another key component in the end-to-end service that Pointstreak provides our customers” continues Gregg Sayer. “The goal is to create websites whose look, feel and function, will compete with what the top professional leagues are able to provide to their fans, but at the fraction of the cost. Pointstreak brought real-time stats and scoring to leagues and players at all levels. Now our goal is to accomplish that same level of professionalism and quality in the websites we create for our customers through Pointstreak Sites.”

Existing Pointstreak clients or potential clients who are interested in learning more about Pointstreak Registration and/or Pointstreak Sites are encouraged to contact their account representative or can contact Pointstreak by email at or toll-free at 1-866-407-7253.

Detailed Information:

Pointstreak Registration by Pointstreak ( is a sports league registration system for youth sports leagues, specifically ice hockey leagues, baseball or softball leagues, lacrosse leagues and soccer leagues. If your sport league is looking for a league administration system or league management software geared towards sports registration, then Pointstreak Registration is the online league registration software that will help streamline your player registration and allow you to process league online payments for teams, players and parents.

Unlike other sports management software, Pointstreak Registration is a sports registration system that not only helps baseball, hockey, lacrosse and soccer leagues improve the experience of parents and participants by giving them the convenience of paying online using credit cards, but also integrates seamlessly with Pointstreak's statistical solution, called Pointstreak Stats.

For more information on Pointstreak's league management and sports management software, visit

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