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Cardinal Sports Management Announces Partnership with STEVA Sports

May 10, 2010

Toronto, ON - Cardinal Sports Management and STEVA Sports Software Inc. are pleased to announce a strategic partnership which will integrate both companies market leading sports technologies.  Combining the STEVA Video platform with the Cardinal Sports player profile will offer student-athletes and coaches the capability to upload and index videos by using the STEVA software through a secure portal. The resulting technology will create a player profile complete with video, academic information as well personal information for NCAA and ACHA coaches.

STEVA Sports is a sports video analysis software platform designed to allow coaches to easily analyze, index and store video of games and practices.  The software platform also creates the ability for sports teams and leagues to develop video based scouting and recruiting content, team and league highlight videos as well as training platforms for players, coaches and game officials.

Cardinal Sports Management provides recruiting services and guidance to student-athletes looking to secure a scholarship or financial aid package to U.S. or Canadian post-secondary academic institutions. Cardinal Sports currently hosts over 3,000 player profiles at the midget, high school and junior levels of hockey. The website is currently utilized by 85% of the college and university programs in the NCAA.

Brent Grieve, Chief Operating Officer of Cardinal Sports commented, "Cardinal Sports is extremely excited about the partnership with STEVA Sports.  The company has developed a great video platform which combined with Cardinal’s existing player profile database technology will revolutionize the way college coaches recruit their players. Allowing players and coaches to index their own videos along with integrating them with the recruiting process is a very powerful tool.”

"By integrating new technologies and features into the STEVA and Cardinal platforms, athletes will truly be able to influence their own destinies.  Coaches will have greater informed access to new recruits, thus shaping the future of college recruiting," said Ron Mathurin, Vice President of STEVA Sports Software.  "Schools will be better informed before making an investment in time and money while athletes now will have a greater opportunity to market themselves.  We are very excited about the integration of the STEVA and Cardinal resources which will provide a whole new opportunity for both athletes and coaches."

About Cardinal Sports:

Cardinal sports was established in 1994 to provide services to student-athletes interested in pursuing an athletic scholarship or financial aid package to a post-secondary institution in the United States and Canada. We support individual student-athletes as well as sport leagues, teams, and associations. For more information on Cardinal Sports please visit or call Brent Grieve, Chief Operating Officer, (905) 731-9867,

About STEVA Sports:

STEVA Sports is committed to providing professional quality sports video analysis software to amateur and professional athletes and coaches.  Established in September, 2004 STEVA Sports has quickly become globally recognized as a leader in the video analysis software industry with more than 50% of the professional, collegiate and junior hockey league market and is now visible in over 15 countries around the world.

STEVA Sports provides coaches and athletes with the benefits of video analysis that historically have only been available to professional level coaches and players.  Athletes respond best through visual feedback, and there's no finer method than by example - Visualize Success! STEVA Sports is easy to learn, easy to use and provides the functionality all coaches and athletes could ever want at a price that easily fits into any budget. 

For more information regarding STEVA Sports please visit or contact Ron Mathurin, Vice President, (613) 889-5163,


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