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Pointstreak and Independent Baseball Leagues Strike Agreement

Apr 19, 2010

Toronto, ON Inc. has reached an agreement with 5 additional Independent Baseball Leagues. The Atlantic League, American Association, Can-Am League, Frontier League, and Northern League are pleased to announce they have reached a long term agreement which will see Pointstreak provide real-time baseball scoring, official statistics and league administration services to the leagues.

“The Atlantic League is anxiously awaiting this week’s 2010 season openers and looks forward also to the first season of our business relationship with Pointstreak as the official Statistical Service of the Atlantic League. Pointstreak has taken the time to prepare our operations people for the season with information, individual work sessions and guidance during the setup period and has the support staff in place to handle any questions Atlantic League personnel may have.” stated Joe Klein, Executive Director of Atlantic League Baseball which opens their season April 22nd.

Pointstreak Stats’ baseball platform will streamline the process of capturing and delivering game statistics for Independent Baseball and deliver those game events to the league and team websites in real-time for the benefit of players, fans and media partners. A unique feature of Pointstreak’s baseball statistical solution is Game Live, a real-time flash application that streams play-by-play baseball results over a 3-D graphical image of a baseball field.  Pointstreak Stats for baseball is also geared towards the needs of media sources, providing Associated Press (AP) formatted box scores, allowing for easy reproduction of baseball stats into print media.

“Pointstreak is looking forward to partnering with each of these leagues. Offering real-time statistics to these 5 leagues in addition to the Golden Baseball League who we partnered with in 2009 allows to become a daily ritual to fans of Professional Independent Baseball”, said Paul Pettipiece, Vice President of Baseball Operations of Inc.

About Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.:

Pointstreak provides technology driven sports management and business solutions designed to streamline operations while facilitating and enhancing the sport participant, fan and media experience. Pointstreak's product line includes baseball statistics software for professional, collegiate, and junior sports leagues as well as for amateur and recreational sports leagues. Pointstreak's technology and products are designed to save sports organizations time, money, and effort and include solutions for statistics, online registration and website design and hosting. More information can be found on Pointstreak’s website at or

Click here to view Pointstreak Game Live

For further information contact:
Paul Pettipiece – Vice President of Baseball Operations, Inc. or (905) 731-9867

About Atlantic League Baseball:

The mission of the Atlantic league is to bring a high level of professional baseball and affordable family entertainment to selected communities not presently being served by Major League or Minor league teams. The Atlantic League began playing in 1998. Current markets include Bridgeport, Camden, Lancaster, Long Island, Newark, Somerset, Southern Maryland, and York. The league begins play on April 22nd.

About the American Association:

The American Association is one of the great names in the history of professional baseball leagues in the United States. The first American Association was formed in 1902 as an independent minor league for the larger cities in the midwestern area of the US. The current day American Association began play in 2006. The 10 team league has clubs in El Paso, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Lincoln, Pensacola, Shreveport-Bossier, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, St. Paul and Wichita. The league begins play on May 13th.

About the Can-Am League:

The history of the Can-Am League dates back to 1936. On October 6, 2004, the Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball, or Can-Am League for short, was reborn. Existing clubs include Brockton, New Jersey, Pittsfield, Quebec City, Sussex, and Worcester. The league begins play on May 27th.

About The Frontier League:

In the winter of 1992-1993, several men got together and decided to start an independent professional baseball league to serve the West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southeast Ohio areas. They believed they could bring professional baseball to areas that would never have a chance of affiliated professional baseball coming to their communities. Since then, the league has had rapid expansion and now has 12 teams in 7 states.  The league begins play on May 20th.

About The Northern League:

The first Northern League began as an independent league in 1902. In 1993, the current day Northern League began play again.  Current franchises include Fargo-Moorhead, Gary, Joliet, Kansas City, Lake County, Rockford, Schaumburg, and Winnipeg. The league begins play on May 20th.


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