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Pointstreak Welcomes J.P. Igloo

January 7th, 2002

Vancouver, BC - Pointstreak is pleased to announce its continued U.S. expansion with the installation of its "Electronic Gamesheet System" at J.P. Igloo Ice & Inline Sports Complex, located in Ellenton, Florida.

"Florida is becoming a hot-bed for both ice and inline hockey" said Gregg Sayer, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for Pointstreak, "J.P. Igloo clearly remains a leader in this market by staying ahead of the pack; by choosing innovative products that deliver better services to their customers. We are proud to have J.P. Igloo as our first customer in the state of Florida."

Pointstreak's "Electronic Gamesheet System" uses touch-screen computers to replace a league's paper gamesheet. Instead of writing a goal or penalty down on paper, the scorekeeper enters it on a touch-screen terminal. Once the goal or penalty is entered, it is transmitted instantly to the Internet, where it can be viewed by players, parents, league administrators and rink operators in real-time.

For rink operators, Pointstreak's system streamlines the operation of a rink's in-house leagues and provides an additional service that a rink can offer its customers; such as tournaments or local adult leagues. By eliminating the paper-based gamesheet system and replacing it with an electronic system, rink operators no longer have to deal with the cost of buying paper gamesheets or the time-consuming task of data-entry. On top of the efficiencies gained by a rink operator, Pointstreak's system also provides a cutting-edge service that ultimately attracts more customers and revenue. Inc. is the creator of the "Electronic Gamesheet System"; a cutting-edge service that essentially replaces paper gamesheets with electronic terminals. Pointstreak's system eliminates the data-entry of paper gamesheets and provides players, parents, coaches, league administrators, rink operators and governing bodies real-time access to important game information. For more information, please call toll-free 1-866-734-3585 or visit our website at

J.P. Igloo Ice & Inline Sports Complex, located in Ellenton, Florida, was built in 1999 and boasts 2 NHL size ice rinks and a USA Hockey Official inline rink. With a distinctive igloo-like dome, this state-of-the-art facility provides 115,000 square feet of space for recreational and entertainment activities for all ages.

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