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Hockey industry reacts to Pointstreak PRO

January 16th, 2003

Vancouver, BC - Inc. has received accolades from the hockey industry for their latest product for professional hockey leagues, Pointstreak PRO.

Pointstreak PRO is an advanced version of Pointstreak's "Electronic Gamesheet System" designed for professional, semi-professional, college and elite junior leagues. The key benefit of Pointstreak PRO is that game results are delivered over the Internet in true real-time, resulting in better, faster information for fans, media and the league. Below are some reactions from customers, media and fans:

Customer reaction

"Pointstreak's technology has allowed the Central Hockey League to quickly become an industry leader in terms of the services that we can provide to our administrative staffs, our media partners, and most importantly, to our fans. Quite simply, [Pointstreak PRO] is clearly the best system available among many reviewed, and we are thrilled with the product that has been developed for the Central Hockey League. We expect a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Pointstreak well into the future."

Steve Cherwonak
Vice President of Communications
Central Hockey League

"[Pointstreak PRO] has proved to be very simple to use for all of our people after a short time of training. The system, we feel, has taken our league and put it ahead of everyone else at every level of junior hockey. The idea of anyone in the world being able to get on their computer and get up-to-the-second statistics of the United States Hockey League is remarkable. None of this would have been possible if not for the ideas, people and commitment of This company has taken the way games are normally scored and made it obsolete. The future of scorekeeping lies in electronics, not paper. The future is"

Gino Gasparini
United States Hockey League

Media reaction

"The single greatest difficulty in reporting on the CHL has been getting final scores and accurate information on the happenings of the games. Now, we have it basically at our fingertips! I can't thank [the CHL] enough for this mutually beneficial arrangement [with Pointstreak]. I don't even think twice about leading my newscast with highlights and news on the Central Hockey League. It's an excellent addition and at least in this sports broadcaster's eyes, it lends even greater credibility to the CHL."

Sports Broadcaster

Fan reaction

"Pointstreak PRO has brought the CHL to the forefront of professional hockey in terms of information availability. Gone are the days when CHL fans had to rely on their local broadcaster or email for out-of town scores. The CHL has now spoiled its fans because Pointstreak PRO allows CHL fans have up-to-the-minute and detailed game information available to them at the click of a mouse. The only thing better than using Pointstreak PRO to follow CHL games would be to be at all of the games live and in person!"

Chris Perry
CHL fan

"I simply wanted to express my appreciation for the best statistical format that I have ever seen. I hope that [the CHL is] as pleased with Pointstreak as I am. I commend whoever it is that is responsible for providing this state-of-the-art feature. If I am unable to attend away games, or want to know how a current game around the league is going, I go to your scoreboard and can mentally 'see' the game with your continuous stats. Following the game I enjoy going to the boxscore and ref sheets to see how the game unfolded. It may sound redundant, but I have never seen one site this comprehensive AND user friendly."

Dan Newton
CHL fan

Pointstreak reaction

"We are very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive reaction we have received from our clients as well as their fans and media partners. Pointstreak's success within the professional hockey market demonstrates that we can meet the needs, and budgets, of a small recreational league all the way up to a professional hockey organization. We will continue to work with our professional clients to improve and innovate Pointstreak PRO, which will allow the fans and media to experience continuous improvements to our system in the upcoming year. A special thanks goes out to the great people at the Central Hockey League for being the first pro league to believe in Pointstreak and trust us with their mission-critical application."

Aaron Bishop
President / CEO Inc.

Pointstreak's product line also includes solutions for amateur and recreational hockey leagues. For more information, visit Pointstreak's website at or call toll-free 1-866-734-3585. is represented exclusively in the United States by Cardinal Sports Management officials Scott Secord and Gerry Meehan. Cardinal Sports Management can be reached by phone at (416) 204-9525 or by email at

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