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"Hockey Business News"
Volume 14, Number 1
Fall 2007


Pointstreak does away with paper trail

by Denis Gibbons

Deciphering the information from messy gamesheets scribbled on paper is a thing of the past for clients of an innovative company based in Richmond Hill, Ont. Inc. now supplies real-time scoring to more than 2,000 leagues, including the Central League, International League and United States League.

Game information is entered into Pointstreak's terminal or software by the scorekeeper as the game progresses, thereby streamlining the data-entry process. It eliminates the need for paper gamesheets.

Scorekeepers can enter the info on a touch-screen terminal, which is designed to function in cold, humid environments for extended periods of time. All team rosters are uploaded into the system before the season starts.

The information goes through Pointstreak's server in Vancouver and can be immediately displayed, through the Internet, on any computer in the world.

Scott Secord, the company's president and CEO, said the website and its affiliated leagues generate more than two million visitors monthly. Pointstreak also offers league administration and statistical systems.

The real-time scoring system was developed by Aaron Bishop and Gregg Sayer, two former University of British Columbia students, with technical help from Dominik Szopa, who is now Pointstreak's vice-president of technology.

Secord and former Buffalo Sabres GM Gerry Meehan already had a sports marketing company called Cardinal Sports Management.

"They contacted Gerry and I for some help on how to market it to the hockey world," Secord said. "We got a demo of the system in 2001 and needless to say we were very impressed. We formed a relationship with them."

The company now has 26 employees, including Igor Kuperman, former co-ordinator of hockey operations for the Phoenix Coyotes and assistant GM for the 2002 Russian Olympic team. He joined Pointstreak as vice-president of Europeanoperations in 2006. Kuperman's hiring resulted in a new partnership with the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. Subsequently, Pointstreak was able to provide real-time scoring ofthe 2007 World Championship in Moscow to Russian fans in their own language.

The company's technical staff have created software that allows data to be translated into a multitude of languages.

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